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Newest poem thanks to Paul's newest poetry challenge.

You are my forever love,
The one the stars and heavens
Brought into my life to make it complete
Like never before,
You are faithfully mine,
And I am faithfully yours,
You are what this heart always dreamed of,
And no matter how far apart we have been
I know that I always thought of you
And wondered if at times at night
You looked at the night sky and wish,
Wish with all your might that you and I were together
The way it was before,
Even though I had been with others
I was faithful to our life together,
Our dreams,
Our memories,
And nothing seemed to fit or compare.
I was lost without you here,
I was found the moment you came,
I knew the moment I met you
That faithfully I would be yours until the end,
Until there was no more music or songs or melody’s,
No more grass, trees, birds, and flowers,
No more anything of life or unlife.
Eternity always shines because
Eternity is always mine
With you by my side,
Holding on so tight,