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I'm Not Ready

I’m not ready, Not ready to give up, Not ready to give in, Not ready to throw down that fight, Not ready to just let go, Not ready to forget, Not ready to let you go, I’m not ready, Not ready to end this fight, Not ready to go down that road, Not ready to put the walls back up, Not ready to put that barrier back, Not ready to just pretend, That I don’t love you, Don’t care for you, Don’t want you forever more, I’m not ready, I don’t want to go, I don’t want to forget, I want to keep it going, I want to keep it yet, I want to hold on tight, I want to fight to the end, I want to be with you always, Always, I’m not ready, I just can’t, I just won’t, How can you stop? How can you stop loving? How can you stop being? In love when you feel it? When you live it? When you know it? When you dream it? I’m not ready, I just can’t do it, I just can’t walk away, It is hard, It is rough, It is something that’s in my soul, But I know in my heart, In my mind, I’m not ready, To stop loving you, Wanting


We write the words, We put emotions onto paper, We put the feelings onto the page, We create the characters you love, And the characters you love to hate, We try to express, We try to help you feel, We try to give you something, Something that is real, Sometimes things that aren’t, Sometimes dreams, Sometimes wishes, Sometimes hopes, Sometimes a world to lose yourself in, We pour our hearts, Our souls, Onto the pages, The pages you read, Once lovely just written by hand, Now typed to be kept forever, We love ourselves, We hate ourselves, We have our dark moments, We have our bright moments, We fight, We scream, At our imaginary friends, The ones we create, When we create different worlds, We hurt when they do, We love when they do, We see what they see, We believe what they believe, We bleed, We sweat, We carry on through, We make compromises, We make war, We make love, We live, We breathe, Everything around us, We are the writers, We write the words, The words you fall in love with, T

You Filled A Hole

You filled a hole, A hole that was in my heart, A hole that was in my soul, A hole that was in my mind, A hole that seemed so deep, So wide, That I felt nothing could reach, Reach inside, Reach on deep, Reach on through to fill it, Be able to reach around the barriers, Reach through the walls, Find a way through, A way that no one could, A way that no one tried, A way, You filled a hole, A hole that was in my heart, In the depth of my soul, In the very corners of my mind, You completed me, Found me, Came to me, Claimed me, Called to me, Said come on home, Come home my dear, I will love you, I will be with you, I will cuddle with you, I will be there through everything, I will complete you, To the very depths, Never giving up, Never giving in, Just there, By your side, Loving you always, You came to me my darling, Loving me, Giving me faith, Filling that hole, Filling the darkness, With your light, With your love, With everything that you are, You filled me my darling, With everything

What's Right

This emotion, This feeling, It is so right, It is so wonderful, It is so perfect, It is so beautiful, It is something that dreams are made of, That wishes are wished for, That hope is hoped for, Love, So simple, So complex, So everything, So ever compressing, So many words, So many dreams, Have been built on this, Built on this one emotion, This one feeling, This one thing that can be so right, That gets you through, Through the hard times, The good times, The darkest moments, The darkest days, The lightest beauty, Of the truest sky, It is so right, When it is toward someone, Someone you can truly love, Truly want to be with, Truly want to cherish, Hold onto, Do anything for, Love, A word used so often, A word used not enough, A word that can give hope, A word that can crush spirits, A word that can change, Everything in your life, In your world, In your dreams, It is something so right, So wonderful, So beautiful, So everlasting, So forever, When you find it, Hold onto it, Because whe

I Want To Walk Through

I want to walk through, Through that green grass, Look above at the blue skies, Hold you close, As the fresh air surrounds us, I want to feel the feeling, The feeling that lovers do, As they walk through life, As they walk through emotions together, As they walk through everything, Holding, Cuddling, Kissing, Everything in between, I want to walk through, Walk through that moment, Walk through with happiness, With love, With grace, With love on my face, Without the mask, Without the pain, Without the hurt, That lies within, Save me now, Save me here, Just utter the words, Make them crystal clear, Make them so I feel them, From the very depth of my soul, Hold me, Walk with me, Through all these things, No more holding back, No more thinking about it, No more wondering about it, Just doing, Just feeling, Just being, So walk with me my darling, Walk with me together, Hold me tight, Don’t let go, Let us be, Forever, Eternity, No more questions, No more ifs, No more buts, Just hold me, Just