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Yearning For You

There isn’t a single moment,
There isn’t a single time,
There isn’t a single second,
That my heart beats loud of you,
That my heart sings your praises,
That my heart wants you home,
That my heart keeps on wanting,
That my heart keeps needing,
I want to feel you next to me again,
I want to feel your arms around me,
I want to feel the way you kiss me,
I want the whole world to disappear,
I want the moments of just you and me,
I yearn for you my darling,
The way you feel when you lay next to me,
The way your kisses feel against my lips,
And against my skin,
The way you touch me,
The way you send electricity through my whole body,
The way you can turn me on by a simple look,
By a simple touch,
By a simple I love you,
By a simple I miss you,
By a simple I want you,
There isn’t a single thought,
There isn’t a single minute that ticks by,
There isn’t a single second my heart beats,
Without the thought of you,
I yearn for you my love,
You are truly the one who I want to be with,
The one I want to spend all my days,
The one…