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Upset Souls

People hurt each other unnecessary,
There are bullies all around,
There is so much pain we give to each other,
Without needing to,
People who go thinking they are not loved,
People who go thinking that they don’t matter,
People who believe they are not good enough,
Or could ever be good enough,
People who feel the hurt so deep in their hearts,
And in their souls,
That there is no answer,
That all there is nothing around them,
They hurt and hurt,
They cut,
They bleed,
They sometimes even give up their life,
When will we all stop and realize,
When will we all stop and see?
When will we look deeper?
Then what is on the surface?
When will we take that chance?
Take that chance to see something deeper,
Then what is outside,
After all beauty is really more than skin deep,
Looking around,
Seeing these things,
Upsets the heart of me,
Because I feel the compassion,
I understand the pain,
I know what it is like to be judged,
For things only from the outside,
And not given a chance to see,
What might lay inside of me,
Lately it …

Those Regrets

I’ve stumbled,
I’ve fell,
I’ve had to find a way to pick myself up,
From the many regrets through my life,
I have had to deal with hard choices,
Choices now in retrospect,
Didn’t always seem the best,
Trying to find the peace and serenity,
Praying to God every day,
Time heals slowly,
Now that I have God,
Now that I have become His,
I have given it all to Him,
But there is still a moment,
There are times I find those tears,
The tears long since gone,
Long since hidden away,
Retrospect isn’t always a friend,
But knowing it has to be done,
In order to truly heal,
In order to get over the regret,
I have to look into my heart,
I have to look into my soul,
I have to take an honest look at myself,
Take an honest look of the good,
Take an honest look of the bad,
Take an honest look of the hurt caused,
The hurt caused by others,
The hurt I’ve caused others,
But there are still days,
That I stumble,
That I fall,
That it still hurts,
Hurts in ways that is hard,
Hurts in ways that can make me cry,
Wishing I wasn’t so broken,