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My Troy

When I think about you, Just in those random beautiful moments, When everything else in the world, When every moment seems to be filled, With this and that, The ongoing never ceasing, Never ending business that we call life, These are all part of the moments, The moments I feel the need even more, Just that moment, That being, That love, Is everything that is so simple, Yet so wonderful, Yet so everything, So everything I could ever need, Life is so rough all around us, People are losing many things, Jobs, Money, Homes, People, Things, Some even their faith, There is pain, There are tears all around, But when I am with you, When I am with you those moments, Everything else fades away, Everything else feels less crazy, Everything else, The whole world fades, And I focus, And I look into those eyes, And I feel home, Feel home just being with you, Being by your side, Loving you, Wanting you, Needing you, Being with you always.