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You Never Said

You never said you could do better,
You just left me that day,
You never told me you didn’t love me,
You just let me go my way,
You never told me you weren’t going to be here,
Instead you pushed me away,
You never told me a lot of things,
Instead you just left me here,
Of you,
You were my full existence,
A person I loved with all my heart,
A person I knew to the depth,
Of my being,
Of my heart,
Of my soul,
Of my mind,
But you left me,
Not just once,
But twice,
Once you just went,
No rhyme,
No reason,
The second you let me go,
Didn’t fight,
Just let me walk away,
You never said you could do better,
You just gave it all up,
You just gave it all away,
You didn’t see,
My full potential,
What fully lay inside of me,
You do not know,
The person I have become,
Maybe you would have even been proud,
Maybe you would have believed,
You never told me you didn’t love me,
Instead you just let it go,
Let me leave,
With all the hurt,
With all the pain,
With all the rain,
Deep inside of me,
I couldn’t trust,
I couldn…

Let Me Go

Let me go,
Let me leave,
Break the hold,
Break what you have left,
Left inside my heart,
Left inside my soul,
Left here in me,
I thought I was over,
Over all of you,
But I have been dreaming,
I have been remembering,
I have been thinking,
A bit about you,
But why now,
I am not sure,
All I need,
Is for you to let me go,
I feel there is still a hold,
A hold on me,
Even though you are with,
With another,
But I feel you in my thoughts,
I feel you in my head,
I feel you in my mind,
Even sometimes feel you holding me,
But I try to break,
Try to break away,
My life is different now,
My life has changed,
I am not that person,
That person you once knew,
There are parts of me the same,
But so much has changed,
So let me go,
Let go that last hold,
That last whatever you feel you claim,
Release it now,
Release it let me move on,
Let me move on fully,
I don’t want to feel that shadow,
That shadow around me,
Feeling as if,
You are watching me,
Watching my movements,
The way you did before,
When you were with me,
But you let me go,
Let me leave,

It Burns

It burns,
It screams,
The emotions,
The pain,
The everything,
The darkness,
The hardship,
I fill my days with everything,
Everything to keep my mind,
To keep my mind from thinking,
From focusing,
From doing anything,
That causes me to feel the pain,
Feel the pain,
Feel the emotions,
Feel the rain,
Just keep on wearing,
Wearing that mask,
Wearing it so no one sees,
No one notices,
The pain,
The hurt,
The depression,
That lurks within,
I try to be strong,
I try to keep it going,
I try to just forget it all,
Forget the pain,
Forget the hurt,
Forget the rain,
Forget it all,
Focus on the next task,
And the task after that,
Make everyone think,
Everyone believe,
That everything is fine,
Everything is wonderful,
That everything is perfect,
It burns,
It burns hard,
It burns bright,
It burns every day,
And every single night,
But I cannot let it go,
Cannot let it be,
I just want release,
I just want to feel,
Feel something more,
Feel something deeper,
Deeper than this,
But until it comes,
Until he comes,
Until he lifts off that mask,
Wipes those…

Umbrellas Are For

Umbrellas are for kissing,
Holding hands,
Protecting each other,
Through the rain,
Through the storm,
To hold each other,
To love each other,
To be with another,
Even if a rain drop,
Even if it falls,
Even if one gets hit,
And one gets wet,
Umbrellas are for protection,
Protection from those things,
Those things around them,
Around us,
Not letting anything,
Anything breaks us,
Tear us,
Destroy us,
We will keep holding on,
We will keep holding strong,
We will keep believing,
Believing in us,
Believing in our dreams,
Umbrellas are for holding,
Holding onto the belief,
Holding onto the hope,
Holding onto the dreams,
Holding onto the love,
Even through the dark times,
Even through the rough times,
Even when it is no clouds in the sky,
To remember to keep on going,
Through all those times,
To keep on believing,
To keep on knowing,
To keep on trusting,
In us,
Umbrellas are for things unseen,
For keeping us through,
For protecting us,
Through the dangers,
The life,
The world,
And everything in between,
That could hurt us,
Harm us,
Put dis…


Ever since you came into my life,
Ever since you became my man,
Ever since you brought that forever,
My life has been blessed,
My life has been filled with serendipity,
You bring me happiness,
You bring me hope,
Through all this hardship,
Through all this darkness,
Through all this rain,
Through everything,
You have taken my hand,
You have given me your heart,
You have given me,
You bring me happiness,
You bring me hope,
Through all this hardship,
Through all this darkness,
Through all this rain,
Through everything,
You have taken my hand,
You have given me your heart,
You have given me your vow,
You have told me it’s forever,
That you want me always,
That you need me forever,
That you cannot imagine,
Life without me,
Love without me,
A time without me by your side,
A time without you and me,
You give me serendipity,
Every time I get to hear your voice,
The warmth inside my heart,
The warmth inside my soul,
Just melts,
Just breathes,
Just is,
You reach inside,
Reach every single part,
And you don’t let go,
You are there for…

You Do Not Realize

You do not realize,
You do not see,
You think it doesn’t hurt,
You think it doesn’t mean a thing,
But you are wrong,
You do not see,
You cannot realize,
Because you don’t truly look,
Truly look inside of me,
By not saying words,
By not showing certain actions,
By not showing the affection,
You do not realize,
You do not see,
You don’t realize every day,
Every moment,
I wear a mask,
Hide the emotions,
Just try to smile,
There is sometimes genuine laughter,
But what I wouldn’t give,
What I would cherish forever,
Is just a simple I love you,
Just a simple moment,
To not always tease,
To just tell me how proud you are,
Proud you are of me,
To give me a compliment,
To make me feel special,
To make me feel not defeated,
You do not realize,
You do not see,
You feel that do not hurt,
But you don’t see the non verbal,
The body language,
The longing,
The wanting,
Instead you shut me down,
I feel I should not even say,
Say a thing,
You do not realize,
You don’t really see,
You cannot see the truth,
The truth that is inside,
The truth that…

Trapped Within

Trapped within,
Trapped inside,
Trapped in this heart,
This heart of yours,
Trapped inside your soul,
Never wanting to break free,
Trapped my darling,
Into what is you and me,
This dream,
This hope,
This belief,
This love,
Trapped my darling,
Trapped by your love,
Trapped by the depth,
Of our beauty,
Of our forever,
Of our hopes,
Of our love for each other,
I am trapped here,
Not wanting to break free,
Only wanting,
Only needing,
Only seeing,
What is here by me,
Standing with you,
Holding you to me,
Holding you close,
Never letting go,
Never giving up,
Never letting anything defeat us,
Never letting anyone to come between us,
Trapped within,
Trapped by your arms,
As you hold me tight,
Hold me close,
Hold me as you stroke,
My hair,
My face,
Looking deep into my eyes,
Looking to the depth of my soul,
Looking deep,
Showing me the love,
Within the very depth,
The depth of you,
I am trapped,
Trapped by this love,
Never wanting a release,
Only wanting to be here,
Here with you,

He Still Cares

He still cares,
It shows whenever he talks to me,
Whenever he watches over me,
Whenever I hear his voice,
He still cares,
Maybe even more than he realizes,
Maybe more than he even sees,
Maybe more than he knows,
Because it lies so deep,
So deep inside of him,
He still cares,
It is within his eyes,
It is within his soul,
It is within his heart,
It is within the depth,
The depth within,
The one he hides,
The one emotion,
That he tries to hide,
Tries to keep from everyone,
But he never could,
Never could from me,
Even after everything,
Even after all the times,
The hardships,
The rain,
The tears,
Even through this,
Even through that,
He’s seen me through,
Seen me through everything,
All of the between,
He still cares,
I know it within my heart,
Within my soul,
Within the depth,
The depth of my life,
My heart,
My soul,
My dreams,
He still cares,
And I still care,
And I still love you,
And I still need you,
And I still want you,
And I still dream of us,
Dream of you and me,
Dream of our forever,
Dream until…

All I Want

All I want is I love you,
All I want is to know,
To feel,
To believe,
That this love is real,
To feel it to the very depth,
The very depth of my heart,
The very depth of my soul,
To never feel alone,
To never feel like this,
By myself in a relationship,
A relationship that should have two,
Two hearts that share,
Two hearts that believe,
Two hearts that both fight,
Fight for each other,
Hold each other,
Hold within truly,
Hold within every single breathe,
To the very end,
All I want is to be held,
To feel safe in your arms,
To feel safe from everything else,
To feel safe from the world,
To be in that solstice,
That ever lasting peace,
That ever longing beauty,
The ever growing love,
All I want is a look into my eyes,
A look that tells me more than words,
Than words could ever touch,
Than words could ever say,
Than words could put into being,
How much you love me,
How much you need me,
How much I complete you,
The way you can complete me,
All I want is this,
This one request,
This one hope fulfilled,
This one dream realized,

Important Tips And Tricks On Filing For Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy can be an emotional and trying time for anyone involved especially with the negative connotation that is often linked to people who file for bankruptcy, but there are times that filing is the right decision for a person. In this article I will go over some tips and tricks about filing for bankruptcy and help you with deciding if you should consult a lawyer to file for bankruptcy. As one that has gone through bankruptcy personally, seeing my mom go through two versions, and my best friend I have run into the process quite a few times therefore I feel I can give some advice on what to know and what can be useful if one is considering bankruptcy.

I will be breaking this down to a few different sections of information. First, I will go over important information you are going to need before filing for bankruptcy. Second, I will go over some of the basic information you will want to know about the main two bankruptcies on the pros and cons of each bankruptcy in or…

When I Close My Eyes

When I close my eyes I’m somewhere with you,
I am not here by myself,
I am not here wishing for you,
I am not here wanting you,
I am not here just desiring,
Just hoping,
Just praying,
Just needing,
Something more,
Something beyond this,
Something across the skies,
Into that blue beautiful world,
Into that wonderful dream,
Into that wonderful hope,
Into that wonderful desire,
When I close my eyes I’m somewhere with you,
Holding you close,
Holding you tight,
Holding you with all my might,
Holding on,
Holding strong,
Wanting nothing more,
Nothing more than this,
This bliss,
This life,
This love,
This everlasting,
Never stopping,
Never ceasing,
When I close my eyes I’m somewhere with you,
I am not here,
Here alone just in my thoughts,
Inside my head,
The very depth,
Looking deep within,
Looking into those emotions,
Looking into those feelings,
Looking around,
Looking for you,
Never ceasing,
Never giving up,
Because I love you,
Because I need you,
Because you are the one,
And when I close my eyes I’m somewhere …

Give Me Something To Celebrate

Give me something to celebrate,
Give me something to believe in,
Give me something to hope for,
Give me something to dream about,
Give me something my darling,
Give me something now,
Give me what I crave,
Give me what I desire,
Give me everything within,
Everything in this heart,
Everything in this mind,
Everything in this soul,
Everything in the depth,
The depth of me,
I need the light brought back,
I need the sun brought back,
I need the rain to stop,
I need the truth to come through,
I need the sunlight to warm me up,
Warm me from this cold,
Warm me from this hurt,
Warm me from this rain,
Warm me and draw me close,
Close to the depth of your heart,
Depth of your soul,
Depth of your being,
Depth of you fully,
Give me something to celebrate,
Give me something to believe in,
Give me something to hope for,
Hope for once again,
Show me that this is not just in,
Just in my head,
Show me my darling,
Show me this now,
Give me something to celebrate,
Give me something to believe in,
Give me something true,
Fight against that da…

If I Run Will You Run After Me

If I run will you run after me?
Would you chase me?
Would you come with me?
Would you yell my name?
Scream it true?
Make sure I knew,
Without a doubt,
Without another thought,
Without another moment,
Without any hesitations,
If I ran would you run after me?
Would you hold me?
Would you let me scream?
Let everything out?
Let everything go?
Let me cry those tears?
Those tears that are trapped,
Trapped within my heart,
Trapped within my soul,
Trapped within everything that is me,
Would you tell me,
Tell me everything will be fine,
Tell me everything is better,
That you are here to hold me,
That you are here to comfort me,
That you are here to never let go,
That you are here to show me,
The love that I have been searching for?
Searching for so long?
So true?
So everlasting?
Just when I thought I found it,
Just when I thought dreams were to be had,
Everything turned on me,
And I was left here alone,
Alone within my mind,
Alone within my soul,
Needing you,
If I run will you run after me?
Would you tell me t…

You Are My Light Inside My Soul

You are my light inside my soul,
You are my brightness that lies within
You are my beauty of dreams,
You are my ray of sunshine,
You are my light that burns through,
Burns through the clouds,
The pain,
The darkness,
The rain,
The hurt,
I hear your voice calling,
Calling out to me,
Telling me you love me,
Telling me you are still there,
Telling me you still care,
Telling me that you still believe,
Believe I am the one for you,
Believe we are meant to be,
Believe our eternity,
You are my light inside my soul,
You are my true calling,
The one that has been waiting,
Waiting ever so patiently,
You have been standing there,
Watching me,
Time and time again,
For me to see,
To see that you were there,
There waiting for me,
Wanting me,
Wanting to grab onto me,
Hold on tight,
Never let go,
You are my light inside my soul,
You are my love,
My life,
My forever,
My eternity,
My always,
And I want you back,
And I want you home,
And I want you in my arms,
Where you and I,
Can hold onto each other,
Hold onto one anoth…

Thinking Back

Thinking back,
Thinking back to that time,
Thinking back to those moments,
Thinking back to times easier,
Times past,
Wanting nothing more,
Nothing more to be held,
To be held by you,
To have that moment,
That moment of bliss,
I cannot get it out of my mind,
Out of my head,
Out of this feeling,
Out of my heart,
Out of it all,
I just want to feel,
Feel even a portion,
Even a portion of what I felt than,
I desperately seek it,
Desperately want it,
Desperately crave it,
As one craves air,
Some place to call one’s own,
It’s always been there,
Some part of who I am,
Even when times were hard,
And here I stand,
Stand here,
Looking out,
Looking back,
Wanting it,
Needing it,
Desiring it more,
And more than ever before,
Wanting to go back,
Back to that time,
When I felt it,
Saw it,
Was able to embrace it,
I think back,
Think to those times,
Those times when you were,
When you were fully mind,
And my heart aches,
My heart aches,
Longing for,
Longing for your …

Somewhere In My Heart

Somewhere in my heart I’m always with you,
Somewhere in my dreams,
Somewhere in the depth of my soul,
Somewhere in what is reality,
What is a dream,
What is life,
I am always with you,
You are in the very depth,
The very inner most part,
The very inner being,
The very inner heart,
That lies within me,
I cannot help it,
I cannot deny it,
Even through all this time,
Even through all the years,
Even through all the moments,
The moments of black,
The moments of dark,
You have always been in my heart,
You have always been in my soul,
You have always been a part of my dreams,
Somewhere in my heart I’m always with you,
Always there,
Always believing,
Always standing with you,
Always standing by your side,
I will always be here,
Will always care,
Will always love you,
Will never stop,
Because I cannot stop,
I cannot deny,
I cannot end the emotions,
They lie within,
They lie within the very depth,
That is me,
And I know for the rest of my life,
That somewhere in my heart,
Somewhere in the depth,
Even if it is hidden at t…

My Life Is Sweet

My life is sweet,
My life is bliss,
My life is filled,
With never ending love,
Never ending happiness,
Never ending dreams,
Never ending belief,
Never ending faith,
Never ending hope,
Everything that makes love,
Worth it,
Worth every hardship,
Worth every pain,
Worth every rain,
Worth everything you can give,
Everything that is within the depth,
The depth of you,
The depth of your soul,
The depth of your heart,
The depth of your inner most being,
My life is sweet,
My life is bliss,
My life is filled,
With the love I have,
The love I feel,
The love I can sense,
Into the depth of me,
Into the depth of your eyes,
Into the depth of this kiss,
The kiss I wish with you,
The kiss I wish to be in your embrace,
Your embrace that I long for,
The embrace I imagine,
Every second,
Every minute,
Every hour,
Of every day,
My life,
My life I want with you,
My life I want with our love,
Our dreams,
Our happiness,
Our passion,
Our everything,
My life is sweet,
As long as I remember,
As long as I hold on,
As long as I keep wantin…


Purge everything from within,
Everything from the past,
Everything from today,
Everything that is in your mind,
Everything that is in your soul,
Everything that is in your heart,
Start anew,
Purge it all,
Purge all the hurt,
All the pain,
Purge the darkness,
That has held onto you so long,
Let it all go,
Let it all go,
Don’t hold back,
Don’t think about it,
Don’t worry about it,
Just let it go,
Let it go,
Let everything that has happened,
Just come undone,
Empty your heart,
Empty your soul,
Let it go,
Lose a portion of your control,
Sometimes one has to break,
One has to fully fall,
One has to fully fall apart,
To heal again,
Purge it all,
Don’t hold a piece back,
Don’t forfeit this,
Just let it go,
Let it be,
Lose the control,
And purge,
Purge it all,
Until it is all gone,
Until you can build,
Build again,
Build from those ashes,
Build from those moments,
And find the solstice you have,
Have been searching for,
For so long.

Important Tips And Tricks On Moving

Moving is a difficult process no matter how well prepared you are, however there are tricks and tips that can be useful in the process to make it less stressful for you during your move. Why take my advice on these tricks and tips of moving when it comes to looking for a place to move to, what questions to ask, and time savers? Because, I, myself have moved several times through my life and have learned many things that can be useful, especially if you have not moved very often, or it has been many years because things are constantly changing. I have been known as the apartment queen due to the amount of apartments I have moved to.

I am going to break this down to a few different sections when it comes to the information. First, going to go over the some tips and tricks on finding a place to move to. Second, I will go over some of the questions to ask when you are doing your search remember that although there will be several questions some you might not need depending on what you…