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I Feel Free

I feel free to love more than ever before, I feel free to be myself again, I feel free to feel the sun truly on my face, I feel free to see the light in the darkness, I feel free to spread my wings and fly, I feel free to be alive in my heart, In my mind, In my dreams, In my soul, I feel free to dream again, I feel free to feel again, I feel free in this heart, Cutting the ties of the past, Looking toward the future, Getting lost in the moment, Feeling the sun, Feeling the rain, Letting everything be washed away, Letting the barriers down, Not wanting to miss a thing, Not wanting to let the pain keep me in the past, Knowing that things will be alright again, Knowing that love has found a way, Throughout the tears that came, Throughout the pain in the heart, Throughout the broken pieces of heart, That seemed to be scattered everywhere, Throughout this space of time, I see the next moment in my life, I see the present and future filled without the pain, With