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Dancing In The Fountain

Young children with love and grace,
They dance like fairies in the water,
They float as if on a cloud,
They don’t have a care in the world,
They have a magical way about them,
Due to the innocence they possess,
They dance in the fountain,
Lovers whose love is pure,
Who believes in the truth and light,
Who give their life to God,
They dance in the fountain,
Dreamers who see the truth,
Who know that this life
Has beauty through the cold,
Who give their lives to Him,
They dance in the fountain,
Believers that trust in Him,
That give their lives over to Him,
Who minister to others,
Who pray to Him daily,
They dance in the fountain,
Those who know Him,
Who believe in His power,
His glory,
His goodness,
His everlasting plan for our lives,
They dance in the fountain,
They dance in His power,
They dance in His glory,
They dance,
To the everlasting beat of His drum.

The Second Time Around

Love that grows through us,
The love that flows through us
The hope and truth of knowing,
Knowing that whatever comes,
That things are better
Because God is a part of our lives
And through this I draw strength
As I go through life with God
A second time around,
Knowing that I can truly
Find the way to the truth,
Now older and able to understand,
And given the ability to trust more,
I know that standing with you,
In this relationship
With God in control of our lives,
That our love will stand firm,
And will carry through all
The various times we will go through,
We are strong together
Thanks to God,
Thanks to both of us receiving Him,
You through the first,
Me through the second,
The love will continue to grow,
The love will continue to flow,
Dreams we share will continue to build,
Will continue to grow,
The hope will continue to be,
The truth will keep us in check,
As God guides us continually,
To the end of this life.