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Trapped Within

Trapped within,
Trapped inside,
Trapped in this heart,
This heart of yours,
Trapped inside your soul,
Never wanting to break free,
Trapped my darling,
Into what is you and me,
This dream,
This hope,
This belief,
This love,
Trapped my darling,
Trapped by your love,
Trapped by the depth,
Of our beauty,
Of our forever,
Of our hopes,
Of our love for each other,
I am trapped here,
Not wanting to break free,
Only wanting,
Only needing,
Only seeing,
What is here by me,
Standing with you,
Holding you to me,
Holding you close,
Never letting go,
Never giving up,
Never letting anything defeat us,
Never letting anyone to come between us,
Trapped within,
Trapped by your arms,
As you hold me tight,
Hold me close,
Hold me as you stroke,
My hair,
My face,
Looking deep into my eyes,
Looking to the depth of my soul,
Looking deep,
Showing me the love,
Within the very depth,
The depth of you,
I am trapped,
Trapped by this love,
Never wanting a release,
Only wanting to be here,
Here with you,

He Still Cares

He still cares,
It shows whenever he talks to me,
Whenever he watches over me,
Whenever I hear his voice,
He still cares,
Maybe even more than he realizes,
Maybe more than he even sees,
Maybe more than he knows,
Because it lies so deep,
So deep inside of him,
He still cares,
It is within his eyes,
It is within his soul,
It is within his heart,
It is within the depth,
The depth within,
The one he hides,
The one emotion,
That he tries to hide,
Tries to keep from everyone,
But he never could,
Never could from me,
Even after everything,
Even after all the times,
The hardships,
The rain,
The tears,
Even through this,
Even through that,
He’s seen me through,
Seen me through everything,
All of the between,
He still cares,
I know it within my heart,
Within my soul,
Within the depth,
The depth of my life,
My heart,
My soul,
My dreams,
He still cares,
And I still care,
And I still love you,
And I still need you,
And I still want you,
And I still dream of us,
Dream of you and me,
Dream of our forever,
Dream until…