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When was the last time you were humble? When was the last time you let another take credit? When was the last time you didn’t care about the glory? When was the last time you decided that you didn’t want the credit? To just give because you wanted to, And not to show off? To give of yourself, And not just because it is part of your beliefs? To donate your time to others, Just because you wanted to help another? And not for any recognition, And not for any pats on the back, And not for any glory you could have been given, When was the last time you gave money? To those that are in need? To those that are on the street? To those that have nothing, And are just trying to scrap by? When was the last time you gave a meal? To someone who was hungry? To someone who had children to feed, And had nothing to give? To just give something to someone, Without looking for any honor? Any respect? Or even a thank you? When did you just decide to


Many things in this life require wisdom, Requires thinking critically about what is going on, Requires stepping out of the moment, And really weighing what we are doing in our life, How many times have we wished we took a moment? Took some time to truly listen to wisdom, Those small voices that speak in our mind, Those voices that can grow strong if we let it, Looking beyond just the situation, Looking more into the future, Not making some hasty thought, Or wishing we did something different, We learn wisdom through many ways, The life challenges that we go through, Growing up sometimes before we should, Growing up too late at other times, We learn wisdom from our parents, Or the lack there of, We learn wisdom when we seek others opinion, If they are wiser than us, We can learn wisdom from God, If we seek Him first before anything, Many things in this life require wisdom, Deciding on our careers, Deciding on the path that we take,


Was it foolish to let it end that way? To let things go after all this time? Was it foolish to not call you back? To beg you to listen to me? To beg you to think of what is going on? To give it some time to work itself out? To give it a moment to remember how long, How long we have known each other, How much we have been through before this, How much we have been there for each other, How much we have seen each other through, To remember that pain is just temporary, That this didn’t have to be the end to the friendship, End of so many years of knowing each other, We both had trusted each other with secrets, Ones that we didn’t tell anyone else, We saw so many other relationships around us falling apart, But we felt blessed, We knew that we were strong, We thought we could get through everything, We thought we could manage it all, We thought nothing could tear us apart, Foolishness, We didn’t prepare for the possibility, We didn’t thi