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According To His Will

According to this moment,
According to this day,
According to this hour,
According to this plan,
We hear so many,
We don’t really know the answers to,
But we keep on hearing the phrases,
We want to believe,
We want to hope,
But do we really know?
How can we really tell?
There are so many questions,
Yet so little answers it seems,
We are just given these provisions,
And keep on going on through our lives,
But what if there was more than phrases,
What if there was more than just some distant hope?
More than just some distant dream?
What if we could make a definite,
It’s more than just an according to this moment,
According to this day,
According to this hour,
According to some abstract plan,
We do have hope,
We do have faith,
We do have something that can give us answers,
The answers that we so desperately seek,
We seek them everyday,
Rather or not we realize it or not,
Because we want to know,
We are curious types,
And we want to know the plan,
The plan of our lives,
In some deep corner of our minds,
It is there even w…


I know I might frustrate you from time to time,
I know that there are issues that come about,
You might see blue screens which make you red,
You might see errors that make you frustrated,
You might see that I am ill,
And you wonder,
Yes you wonder,
Did I back up the important things?
Am I going to put in an arm,
Or a leg,
To get this thing to work again?
But when I am working,
You seem to still be upset,
And I might have to wonder,
What is so important,
But I am just a machine,
One that was built to do many things,
You type documents on me,
You send an email to a good friend,
You might even network on those sites,
You might surf even more than others,
There are so many different levels of you,
And different levels of me,
But just know that although
I might frustrate you,
And seem to be a pain,
That it isn’t really my fault,
I am just a machine,
And I am not perfect,
Just as you aren’t,
But just perhaps,
If we can work out a deal,
I’ll try to not be so frustrating,
If you don’t get frustrated at me,
Because we know we …


Every moment I am with you,
Every single day,
I know my heart yearns for you,
When I cannot see your brown eyes,
Although my heart is filled with
Ever growing ever encompassing love,
There are moments,
There are times,
That I just want to look into your eyes,
Hold your hand,
And feel the nearness,
Whenever I am with you,
Knowing that I am someone,
You feel comfortable with,
That you feel you can be yourself,
Not tense or non playful,
When sometimes others around,
I see the sides,
That others do not get to see,
And I know the smiles,
The laughter,
The joy,
Although they’ve known you
So much longer than I,
I feel that I know sides of you,
That you cannot always let go,
And I know every time I look into
Those beautiful brown eyes,
And I know whenever it is just you and I,
That there is something that cannot
Be just simply explained,
Something that is just there,
You are everything I have ever wanted,
Everything I have ever needed,
Although I have gone through
So many hard times in my life,
Everything is so much better,