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Life As A Medical Anomaly Part 2

Before I received the Oregon Health Plan Standard, which has given me access to not only regular doctor visits but gave me the ability to learn more about what was going on with my health and able to take care of it better than I was able to.   Even with insurance my asthma still seemed to decline getting worse in one aspect or another including violent asthma attacks, some that left me very sacred to the point of wondering if it would be the last, and others that I thought I would have to call the ambulance to take me to the ER, but thankfully God has gotten me through it all and put me in a place of constant comfort thanks to my husband.   Those attacks that I have had, even if I don’t have them that often, is one of the things that has worried me about getting a license and driving a car other than having to depend on my husband to take me everywhere on his hours, not that he ever would complain because he cares about taking care of his wife in whatever way he can.   There are s

Remembering You

Songs come onto the air, Reminding me of moments that we shared, Words that is so meaningful to me, Ones that you brought into my life, So much of my love of these words, Are because of the length of time you spent in my life, It’s been almost two months since we last spoke, I can still remember the conversation well, The feelings, The emotions, The tears that burned, As my husband held me, As I realized the end of almost fifteen years, Of a close friendship, Of a been through thick and thin, Through many differences of opinion, To everything that one can share in that sort of relationship, We shared all our ups and downs, We understood pain and health issues, We were each other’s anchors for so many years, Moments sometimes seem to go by slowly, And other times quicker than lightening, Distractions come at times to keep my mind off of the hurt, And other times it hurts more than anything else, I know that the emotions are still there

Life As A Medical Anomaly Part 1

Adversity was part of my language long before I knew what the meaning of the word was and dealing with hardships with difficulties was second to it.   Before I was even ever diagnosed with Asthma, Carpel Tunnel, Tendinitis, Hypothyroidism, Chronic Migraines, and mild Scoliosis I was born with a speech problem and a motor skill problem although it was not discovered until I was in Preschool, where those part of the program realized there were issues with my speech and my motor functions which started my journey of being a medical anomaly even though I would not understand until many years later.   In grade school I was put in special education due to the fine motor skill problem and the speech issues, going through a speech therapist during the process for the whole length of my grade school years, it was during those years I would know what adversity was even before knowing the word.   I was teased and bullied during grade school, due to me being in special education and later becomi