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Midnight Stranger

You come to me like a vivid dream, You are everything I wanted, You are everything I could whisper, You are everything I could imagine, You are everything that this heart needs, I want to hear your voice, I want to hold you tight, I want to kiss you, Take you by the hand, Take you by your heart, Take you by your lips, I want to make you mine, I want to be yours, You come to me in my dreams, With your soft deep blue eyes, Your soft brown hair, You put your arms around me, And I feel everything else just disappear, I feel the world just spinning, I feel the depth of your heart, I feel the depth of your soul, I feel the depth of us, Where are you tonight? Where are you in this world? Where are you hiding? Why are you not in my life? Why are you a stranger to me? Why are you not known? Why cannot you be with me? Why cannot you be flesh? I am tired of dreaming, I am tired of wanting, I am tired of trying, I am tired of wishing, I am tired of needing, I need you now, I want you now, I dream

Dream For Another Day

Could you ever really see? Could you ever really know? Could you ever be? I have imagined you many times, Many times in my mind, It goes across my mind everyday, It goes across my soul every moment, It goes across this dream, This dream of a lifetime of you, But could you ever really see? Could you ever really know? Could you open your heart? Could you open your ears? Could you listen to this voice? Would you ever know? I have known your heart for a long time, I have known your soul ever since you could dream, I have known every breathe, I have known every beating moment, I have been so many roles to you, I have been the lover, I have been the best friend, I have been your heartbreak, I have been your dreams fulfilled, I have been the person you could count on, I have been the person who seemed to understand, I have sat here for many moments, For many minutes, For many memories, For many days, For many months, For many years, I know that I cannot change you, I know that I could never b

Never To Be With Me

I want to see you But I know I can’t, I want to hold you But you are so far gone, I want to love you But you disappeared so long ago, I want to be yours But could you even remember me? I want to be the one But you are just a dark Sweet memory, A memory that taunts, A memory that hides, A memory once long forgotten, Comes forth again, What can I say? What can I do? What can I tell the voices, The voices in my head, The ones that still wonder, The ones that cannot let go, The ones that still want you, The ones that knew, Knew from the first moment, That you were the one, The one to break all the chains, The one that broke all the binds, The one that loved me truly, Knew we were meant to be, But the dream didn’t last, The dream disappeared, I would have been yours forever, I would have been fully faithful, I would have loved you always, I was ready to be yours from, From the beginning, From the first moment, But before forever could start, You were gone, Gone, Gone as quick as you came, L

In Your Life

At first I was scared wondering if you could love me But now I’m wondering if you could be my dream come true Back then I always wishing for something more But now I find myself looking into your eyes I used to think true love might not exist But now I am hopeful to find true love again This year I will look toward the future But next year I will find a way there There to your heart There to your soul I am here listening I am here waiting I am here needing I want you hereI need the something more I need the full truth I need my soul mate I need something to believe in Tell me you are looking Tell me you are watching Tell me you are wanting Wanting me with you With you in your heart In your soul In your dreams In your life forever more.