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Finding Home

They say that there is no place like home. Well for me home physically had always been the beautiful state of Oregon. However the physical home would change during what would become the last portion of my marriage to David and my emotional home would be lost it would seem for quite some time. My life was always filled with hard times and a lot of ups and downs, however if you had told me that when I got married in October 23rd of 2004 that I would be divorced just a little over two years after getting married I might have not believed you. Not to mention if you told me that I would have lose most of my material possessions due to the ordeal I would be put through I would have not believed you.

I would never believe that the marriage I had with David would end the way it would. I would have never belieeved that I would lose most of my material possessions and still struggling now to regain the things I have lost. The most hurtful being a good portion of my writing being lost due t…