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Being With You

Being with you is a wonderful thing,
Every moment is true bliss,
Every time you have to go
My arms long for the next moment,
We can spend together,
Being with you is a beautiful dream,
That becomes more lovely
With each passing day,
Becoming more solid
As we spend more time together,
Being with you by your side
Holding your hand into mine,
Touching your skin,
Rubbing your body,
Sends electricity down my spine,
I catch a breathe,
I sigh,
And I breathe the very depths
Of the love I feel deep inside,
Being with you,
Being your one and only,
Having you look into my eyes,
Having my smile deepen,
Knowing I am sharing
In moments of complete happiness,
Of complete bliss,
Every single moment,
Every single day,
I become even more grateful,
Of being with you.