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Finding The Strength

Finding the strength,
Finding that hope,
Getting through,
Finding a way,
Through this darkness,
Through this being,
Through this hurt,
That lies so deep,
Letting it all go,
Letting all the pain subside,
Letting the chains fall away,
Even through this dark time,
It is time to let it go,
Finding peace within,
No longer afraid,
Even if unsure of the path,
I am now following,
But knowing that I must go,
I must go down this path,
Although not traveled,
Although never set foot,
Although so comfortable here,
But I must let it all go,
I must let it all change,
I must find a way,
Even if it is hard,
Even if it feels impossible,
Even if it seems life as I know it,
Is slowly slipping away,
But I will find that strength,
I will find that way,
I will find the light,
I will find a way out of the darkness,
I might lose a few things,
I might lose,
But I will gain again,
I will find again,
I will love again,
I will believe again,
Because I am making a change,
I am finding peace with myself,
Being happy where I am,
Who I am,
Whatever I may beco…