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My Favorite Song

Whenever I listen to that melody,
Whenever I listen to those words,
I go into a trace,
I go into another place,
I go into another state,
My mind wonders,
My thoughts move so quickly,
I close my eyes,
I take a breath,
I listen to the words,
Listen to the words,
Listen to the emotions that run,
Listen to everything as it hits my heart,
Hits my inner being,
Thinking about the time I first heard them,
First felt them through my being,
My favorite song,
Those words that I can hear,
When I listen to it,
When I haven’t listened to it,
When everything was dark,
When everything is light,
When everything is in between,
Then you came into my life,
And everything changed,
Even how I felt toward my favorite song,
There seemed to be deeper meaning,
Deeper emotions,
Deeper everything,
And I felt that the song,
Although probably dedicated to so many,
Was so perfect for you and I,
Because I knew at that moment,
That not only my life had changed,
That everything was wonderful,
That everything was going to be better,
Because I had you,

Day 2 Your First Love

My first love now that is a very easy story to tell. His name was Matthew Pomazal but he went by Matt. I met him when we were in the 6th grade and he was my first crush and first guy I had feelings for. I remember the day I was playing four square with my best friend Lacy and was waiting to get back in when I noticed his brown hair with curls and his blue eyes. There was just a spark from the very beginning. From that day until the day I left to go to another school we were together as much as possible.

We spent lunch together and when we started Junior High he would walk me to my various classes since we didn't have any together. He would even walk me to my bus and would talk on the phone. He was the first guy that ever told me that he liked me and that will always stick with me. I even did see him many years later and so much had changed. We did go out for lunch and catch up on times and I remember my heart beating fast still feeling those same feelings that were not gon…