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Everybody Says Painful Things Nobody Says Loving Things

Everybody says hateful things nobody says positive things,
It seems in these days anymore,
Always a hurtful comment comes about,
From this or that,
It’s around us all the time,
All this negative,
All this not so positive,
Whatever happened to happier times?
Whatever happened to being kind to each other?
Whatever happened to loving each other?
Everybody says painful things nobody says loving things,
So it seems in today’s world,
There are not many kind gestures anymore it seems,
Always seems to be filled with limitations,
Or a catch of some sorts somewhere,
There doesn’t seem to be what there was before,
There is so much hurt that we give,
There is so much hurt that we get,
There is so much fighting,
There is so much war instead of love,
Everybody says painful things nobody says wonderful things,
It seems to be uncommon place,
It seems to be shattered around instead of in abundance,
Things need to change,
These things cannot keep going,
We got to stop these hateful things,
We got to stop these hurtful things,

I Want To Feel It Again

I want to feel it again,
The power of our kiss,
The way it feels like fireworks,
The expanding of energy,
As it goes through our bodies together,
I want to feel it again,
The power of your arms around mine,
The way I melt,
The way I sigh,
The way everything just seems perfect,
Everything seems just right,
I want to feel it again,
The electricity that flows through me,
Whenever you massage my back,
And massage my shoulders,
As we lay next to each other,
I want to feel it again,
Your fingers around mine,
As you hold my hand close to you,
These emotions are so true,
These emotions of our love,
It is a power onto it’s own,
It’s an energy that cannot be denied,
That only keeps expanding through time,
I want to feel it again,
The breathlessness I feel whenever you smile,
The way my heart feels happy and light,
The way my life feels so very right,
There is no denying it,
There is no going around it,
This explosion of love,
Cannot be contained,
It keeps on expanding,
It keeps on going,
More and more every day,
I want to feel i…

The Noises Of Our Hearts

Silent are the actions,
Words that aren’t always spoken,
But are loud within my heart and soul,
Emotions that are deep within me,
The love that pours throughout
Every part of my being,
Whenever I lay into your arms,
My heart beats loudly inside,
Knowing that this is what I’ve been looking for,
This is what I’ve been waiting for,
Every breath I breathe whenever I am with you,
Seems to find a sigh at times,
Such a perfect state of being,
Feeling so happy and free,
Feeling more whole and complete,
Than ever before,
Eternal is every moment I spend with you,
The moments that stay within my heart,
The moments that stay within my mind,
Even after I have to leave your side,
I belong to you,
This I know with my whole heart and soul,
I belong beside you,
We complete each other,
As God intended it to be,
Whenever I am with you,
All the other noises around,
Cannot compete with being by you,
I listen to your heart,
As I rest my head against you,
I smile as it beats,
I smile knowing the innermost thoughts,
Knowing that your love …

Everything Slows Down

With you by me the moment,
The seconds,
The minutes,
The hours,
The days,
Everything slows down,
I hold onto you,
I smile every moment,
I cannot help it,
This feeling inside,
The way I light up
Just thinking about you,
Just holding you,
Just talking to you,
Because everything slows down,
I cannot explain it,
I cannot put words to it,
But even if time seems
To keep going around us,
It feels different with you around,
Happiness is around me,
Love glows inside my heart,
Inside my soul,
Everything in my life is forever changed,
This is what dreams are made of,
With you by me the moment,
The seconds,
The minutes,
The hours,
The days,
Every single thing slows down,
I have wished for this for so long,
For these moments,
For a love so strong,
For a fullness I feel with you,
Everything slows down,
Nothing else seems to matter,
As long as you are by me,
As long as you hold me,
As long as you love me,
These moments,
This time,
Everything that goes around,
Still seems to slow down,
With your love centering around me.