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Beautiful Day

Words buzzing around me,
Emotions pouring to the page,
Cannot seem to stop,
Addiction to these written words,
A conversation here and there,
Talking to some of my closest friends,
Listening to everything around me,
Listening to the peace,
Heart is racing,
Cannot wait until tomorrow,
Get to see so many people,
Loving every single moment,
Pain sometimes washing through,
From the fall over a week ago,
Working through it all,
Just got to keep on writing,
Missing those that I don’t always get to see,
Wishing I could see others I haven’t yet,
Emotions pouring to the page,
Chores never feel boring,
When there is so much to look forward to,
It is days like this,
Even through the rough spots,
The bad times,
That makes everything in life so worth it,
Emotions pouring to the page,
Letting every thought,
Just flow,
Not worrying about tomorrow,
Not thinking about yesterday,
Just enjoying the day for what it is,
Happy about the things in life,
Focused on the happiness,
Knowing that my love for you,
Always helps pull…