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Even Though You Are Not Here

Even though you are not here,
I have thoughts of you,
Visions of you,
Dreams of you,
Memories of you,
I think about you every moment
Even if it isn’t outloud,
Wishing for another chance,
To hold you in my arms again,
To look deep into your eyes,
To show you how much you mean to me,
To show you how much I love you,
To show you all the emotions in this heart,
To show you all the emotions in this soul,
To show you everything in the deepest part,
Of my heart and soul,
Even though you are not here,
I think of you constantly,
Wishing you were with me now,
Wishing I could feel your arms around me,
Wishing that I could just bring you back,
Back home to me,
Back to the person that loves you,
With all of their heart,
Never going to stop loving you,
Never going to stop wanting you,
Never going to stop needing you,
Never going to stop,
Even though you are not here,
You are in my heart and soul,
Never letting go,
Never wanting to let go,
Never ending,
Because this is something I believe in,
I believe in you and me,
Even though you …

Just Know

Just know that I am always here,
Just know that you have me to count on,
Just know that I love you with all my heart,
Just know that you are everything to me,
Just know that I believe in us,
Just know that this is meant to be,
Just know that I have faith in us,
Just know that I believe in us,
Just know that I will be here for you,
That I love you,
That I care for you,
That no one else could ever fill
The position you have in my heart,
That you and I might have our differences,
That we might have had our clashes,
But you and I are an us,
And this us is meant to be,
I know that your heart and your head
Doesn’t know what is going on,
That you are hurt,
But you are stuck with me my love,
I am not one that will give up,
I am one that will fight for us,
Just know these words,
These words in my heart,
These words in my soul,
These words that have meaning forever,
You are my everything Tristan,
You are the dream that I never thought
Would come true,
You are the vision come true,
You are my everything honey,
And I don’t want…


"So, now we understand what is at stake correct?"

"Yes, I understand."

"Good you will have just a short period of time in each jump you do. You can see things, you can watch, but be careful what you do because it can change your whole life and you might not like how it changes once you do something."

I didn't think he would understand why I was asking this. I had to go back at least to look. At least to find out why things had gone the way it had. I just knew I had to do this, perhaps than I would get the answers, the answers that I had been looking for it seemed for so long. The answers on why my life had turned out like this and why I felt the way I did now. What had caused the damage that seemed to hard to get rid of. I needed to do this even with the look on his face. It was the only way I could truly move on, move on from what happened before.

Another part on the story posted awhile ago that I forgot to post here.

Life Complicated

Life right now is very complicated. Things with Tristan and I are a bit rough but I have faith, hope, and trust in us. I believe somehow we will work through things. I love him with every breathe that I take and more. He is my everything and if he needs the space so be it. I am not going anywhere and as I told him before he's stuck.

I know he's scared probably that things will not work out but I just hope that soon he will see that things will be fine. I know we have gone through a lot of hard times and fights but I believe in our love very strongly. I am taking a break from certain things that I normally do including my game I met him from because right now getting us to work is more important than anything else.

I also placed some things for sell on craigslist to help with some extra cash hopefully that I can get for him and I. I know that before I had put relationships in front of my friends and in this case I am doing it again. And honestly if they cannot accept tha…