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I Never Told You (Tyson)

The fourth in the I Never Told You Series

I never told you how you saved me
From hurt and strife
And bringing a peace and comfort
When life seemed to afford me none
Or how your blue eyes seemed to calm
Even my deepest fears and the hurt caused
By your ex-best friend
And how you seemed to soothe my troubled mind
And my doubt within myself when I felt
That none would ever want me,
I never told you how much it hurt me
Every time we broke up and get back together
And how confused I was many of a time,
Feeling that we should be together
But something never seemed right
And it seemed my past would forever haunt me,
But you were there through it all
Holding my hand it seemed through those rough times
And even during when we weren’t together
You were ever so protective
And wanted to make sure that those that dated me
Would be good to the one you always loved,
I never told you how good your arms felt
Around my shoulders whenever I needed to cry
Or how you looked at me with those eyes
And how I…

I Never Told You (Matt)

I never told you that you’re wavy
Brown hair touched
And defined right above
The blue eyes that I could
Lose myself in for hours,
Or how from the first moment
We spoke I knew in my heart
And the deepest corners of my mind
That my life would be forever changed,
I never told you that there
Were numerous times
That I wanted to stop
Everything for a few moments
To capture time spent with you,
Or how I enjoyed
The attention and even the jealousness
If others showed interest
When we were young,
I never told you how your voice
Could sometimes cause me speechless
Or make me nervous
Yet soothed my inner being
Whenever I needed peace
Or extra love,
I never told you
That although I haven’t
Seen your deep eyes
Or the wavy hair
Or hear that voice
That caused me to fall for someone
For the very first time
For a love so simple yet true,
I never told you thank you
For showing what love is
And installing faith in it forever more.

Dedicated to Matthew Pomazal

Three New Poems

Well it's been awhile since I posted here but first I am going to post my new poems I have written before I post about what has been going on as of late.

Wedding Dreams Come True

A beautiful lovely day
Although filled with a little rain
And only a few of the many
We held dear was there,
It was a day of happiness,
It was a day of roses,
It was a day of tears of joy,
It was a day of combining
Of hearts and souls
That was meant to be
From the first moment
We had met and fell in love,
I remember how fast the time went
From the moment I awoke
To the time for me to walk
Through the house to the place
Where you stood,
You looked so handsome
And I looked and felt
Like your princess,
We spoke our vows,
Exchanged our rings,
Had our first kiss
As husband and wife,
The dream just began
And I know it will live on together
As long as we always remember
And work through everything.
I love you so much David
Happy one month anniversary
My dearest darling.

Dedicated to David Shorb

Thankful Thanksgiv…