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When I Am in Your Arms

When I am in your arms, I feel safe and at home, You always make me laugh, And a smile never leaves my face, There is a true dream shared, As you keep me warm, I never want to leave your side, As when you are with me, I feel love, I feel joy, I feel happiness beyond compare, When I am in your arms, I feel the depth of your heart, As it beats in time with mine, As our hearts dance to the song, Of the love we now share, Deeper and deeper it grows, With every passing moment, Every passing day, Every passing conversation, And every moment we share, Our hearts shine anew together, Through this everlasting bliss, When I am in your arms, I am finally home, To a heart that truly loves me, Supports all that I do, And I am always yours my darling, Forever encircled in your arms.