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I Never Told You (Mike)

Well Blogspot sort of messed up somehow posted all these posts I just reposted under David's name instead of mine and since it is my words I wanted to redo them. I never told you how The pain and hurt almost destroyed me When I felt our relationship And my dreams shatter like glass As my heart and soul laid on the ground, Or how I could only see the tears That fell hard and fast When the words I wanted to hear Seemed far and not near, I never told you although I hardly spoke to you And ran to another That thoughts of you Were never far from my mind, Or how I would fall back into your arms If you had told me you were sorry And wanted another try, I never told you how many times I tried to pick up the phone Even when I was with another To give you a call to hear that voice The voice that I knew would soothe away the pain To make everything okay once again And tell me that eternity would be alright again, I never told you how many times When my emotions were hurt by the words And my