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Night and day,
Sadness and happiness,
Joy and pain,
Laughter and sorrow,
Rain and sunshine,
Love and hate,
War and peace,
Opposites around us,
Opposites where ever we turn,
We go one way,
We get pulled another,
Walk this way,
Walk that way,
Told one thing,
But want another,
We get told to act one way,
But want to do another,
These opposites are around us,
These opposites are part of us,
We have to deal with the changes,
The changes in our life always,
We have to walk,
Walk in the middle sometimes,
Sometimes we take a stand,
Take a stand on one thing or another,
Life is never easy,
We all go through our struggles,
We all go through our strife’s,
We all have to make decisions,
To go with this,
Or to go with that,
We have to decide,
Will we stand on morals?
Or will we follow things around us?
Will we try with our might
To keep on?
To keep being strong?
Do we even have something to believe in?
Male and female,
Son and daughter,
Mother and father,
Grandfather and grandmother,

There You Go Making My Heart Beat

There you go making my heart beat again,
There you go playing that song,
There you go making me fall in love,
Falling deeper than I ever have,
Falling harder than I have ever seen,
Falling more and more,
Through those words you sing,
As you speak to my heart,
As you speak to my mind,
As you speak to my soul,
As you speak deeply,
As my mind listens,
Listens to those words,
Those words I have longed to hear,
Longed to hear so long,
So long since everything,
Since everything in my life,
I have been searching for,
Searching for someone,
Someone who would love me,
Love me and care for me,
Care for me and believe in me,
Believe in me and adore me,
Adore me and support me,
Support me through everything,
There you go making my heart beat again,
Beat through that song,
Beat through when all I thought was lost,
I never expected,
I never thought,
I never believed I could find,
I could find someone,
Someone like you,
Someone that could break through,
The hardest defenses,
Through the hurt,
The pa…

Watching The Fireflies Flicker

Watching the fireflies flicker in the rain,
Watching you sit there by my side,
Watching the sky and the stars,
Watching the world around us,
And all I think about is,
You and me sitting here together,
Being with each other,
Being in love always,
Being just together,
Not caring about a thing in the world,
Just spending that time,
Watching the fireflies flicker in the rain,
Watching the light dance,
Across the plain,
As we sit there together,
Watching the rain fall,
Fall down to the ground,
We kiss,
We hold each other,
We smile,
We look,
Our eyes say the words,
Our hands hold together close,
As we embrace,
As we watch the fireflies flicker,
Flicker in the rain,
They dance together,
As we hold each other close,
Knowing there is peace,
There is love,
As we are together,
Nothing will be able to break this moment,
As we rest from the day,
Coming home to each other,
Finding solace from the world,
Being together,
Watching the fireflies flicker in the rain,
As the rain drops…

When You Are Not Paying Attention

When you are not paying attention,
When your mind and heart,
Goes upon its own way,
And it finds that one person,
That you have been searching for,
When you are not paying attention,
You find dreams,
Hopes filled,
And skies of blue,
When you are not paying attention,
Love comes to you,
When you are feeling low,
When everything seems dark,
And your hope seems to want to fade,
Because heartache has been there,
Through moments that you cannot explain,
And all you can feel is brokenness,
Through every part of your mind,
Your heart,
Your soul,
When you are not paying attention,
And everything seems against you,
Will come shining through,
Pouring through the darkness,
Pouring through the grey,
Pouring through that heartache,
Come what may,
And when you are not paying attention,
Love will find a way,
Because it is strong,
Stronger than anything in the world,
Stronger than the heartache,
Stronger than the hurt,
That may stumble into your life,
When yo…