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Beautiful Day

Words buzzing around me, Emotions pouring to the page, Cannot seem to stop, Addiction to these written words, A conversation here and there, Talking to some of my closest friends, Listening to everything around me, Listening to the peace, Heart is racing, Cannot wait until tomorrow, Get to see so many people, Loving every single moment, Pain sometimes washing through, From the fall over a week ago, Working through it all, Just got to keep on writing, Missing those that I don’t always get to see, Wishing I could see others I haven’t yet, Emotions pouring to the page, Chores never feel boring, When there is so much to look forward to, It is days like this, Even through the rough spots, The bad times, That makes everything in life so worth it, Emotions pouring to the page, Letting every thought, Wish, Hope, Dream, Just flow, Not worrying about tomorrow, Not thinking about yesterday, Just enjoying the day for what it is, Happy about the things in life, Focused on the happiness, Knowing tha

Definition Of Love

Cannot stop thinking, Feeling, Knowing, Believing, Wishing, Hoping, Dreaming, Beauty resounds, Never ending, Always beating heart, Wanting to hold you forever, Wanting to be with you to the end, Never ceasing, Never changing, Only growing every single day, Love, Love, Love that always comes, Comes to my heart, Comes to my soul, Sings from up high, Sings from glory, Glory, Beauty, Forever, Always wanting, Always needing, Want to hold you, Want to kiss you, Want to just be, Want to snuggle, Want to cuddle, Want to feel every, Every, Everything around you, Everything with you, Every moment, Love, Love, You and me, Together, One, Being, Always, Blissful, Happiness, Never ending, Forever, Love, Cannot stop, Will never end, Always wanting, Always needing, Us, Until the very end, The end of time, End of eternity, I love you, I love you my darling, Love you forever, No matter what is going on, This love, This is a love of a lifetime, Never ending, Never ceasing, Just being, Forever.

Yahoo Group Tutorial Part 1- How Do You Make A Group?

Have you ever really wanted to learn how to successfully make, help co own, or moderate a group? Well now is your chance you will be getting tips, hints, and real advice from someone that has been referred as the Groups Queen. Currently I own 6 groups and moderate 3. I have owned and moderated many various groups ever since groups were clubs in 1999. If you have any specific questions at anytime on any subject or point on this please feel free to reply to the post or email me at How Do You Make A Group? Once on the group’s page you click on the upper right corner where it says: start your group today. You click on that to get started on making your own group. The very first thing you have to do is categorize your group this is to help those to find a way to your group other than advertising it to your friends and any other groups you might be in. Once you figure out exactly where you want to place your group you click on the button place my group here. Y

Today's Menu

Rice crispies, Bar be Que Chicken, Cottage cheese, Homemade French fries, Chocolate milk, Mac and cheese, So very good to me, Cinnamon applesauce, Butter flavored popcorn, Chicken tenders, Root beer, Grape juice, Pass me a bit of that please, Green beans, Rice, Spinach dip, French bread, Potato salad, Macaroni salad, Hot dogs, Hamburgers, Doritos, Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Maybe I’ll take a little this, And a little that, There are so many different choices, So many different combinations, Pizza without anchovies please, I rather have mine with Canadian bacon, Some pineapple and olives, Oops now I need some pepto, I think I have over done it, It’s like being at Izzy’s, Or some other buffet place, Today’s menu has over done me, And I am going to bed, With this stomach ache, Maybe I’ll learn next time, But then again, Maybe I won’t, Because when there is so many, So many good choices, On today’s menu, How can one go wrong? How can one ever learn? When there are so many good choic

My Parents

I never once had two full parents in my life, That was never to be my fate in this world, I never got to know a father’s love for a child, But I was gratefully given a mom, Who did all in her power, All in her being, To know love, Even if it was just her, I never once got to feel, What others might have, In my place, But I never felt hurt, I never felt uncared for, I never felt that there was anything wrong, Because my mom was there every step, Every step of the way, She was there for every good time, Every bad time, And every time in between, She was always supportive, Of everything I wanted to do, Believed in me, Hoped for me, Loved me through and through, And I always knew love, Love beyond any measure, I might have not had some things, We might have had to go without, But I didn’t care, It never really mattered, I felt stronger, By having her in my life, I never felt less at least by her, To only have one parent in my life, Others around me tried, Time and time again, To make it se

I Still Remember That Day

I still remember that day, The first day I looked into your eyes, I remember how although young, I knew that my feeling to you, Was different than it had been, To any other boy before, I remember looking into your blue eyes, And I felt something I never felt before, I didn’t understand it than, As I know a bit of it more now, Not only were you my first crush, You were my first love, Someone that I admired right away, I remember sitting with each other, Every chance that we got, Talking through lunch and recess, Talking every day, While you waited for the bus, Before I would walk home, I still remember that day, The day we spent at Oaks Park, And when you asked me to go with you, On the Ferris wheel, How I almost said no, But by looking into those blue eyes, I knew that I had to say yes, And that is when you told me, How you felt, And it was the same I felt, We acted like girlfriend and boyfriend, From that moment forward, Although we didn’t really know the meaning, Of those words back

Whatever You Do

Whatever you do, Whatever you say, Whatever goes on, Just know these words, Just know this heart, Just know that this love is forever true, Whatever those people say, Whatever those people do, Whatever goes on along the way, Just keep on remembering, Just keep on knowing, Just keep on believing, Just keep on believing in us, Just keep on believing in me, Whatever you do, Whatever you say, Whatever goes on in your day, Just remember these words, Although just words on a page, Because these words are true, I will tell you this every single day, It does not matter, What might go on, I am here for you, As you are here for me, I love you with every moment, Every fiber of my being, Every single day, There is nothing in this world, Nothing that is out there, That means more than what you mean to me, So remember this, Remember these words, Never worry about what those others say, They don’t know us, They don’t know who we are, They don’t know anything, But I know us, I know you and me, I know


Forgiving you, Forgiving me, Forgiving what has happened, What has gone on, What expired, Through the many years, We both caused each other pain, We both caused each other rain, But now things have truly changed, And although it has been hard, And although there were times I didn’t know, If there was truly a way to forgive, Forgive the pain, Forgive the rain, Forgive the hurt, Forgive all the times I cried, Cried since that moment, Cried since that time, Knowing that there was hurt on both sides, Knowing that I wasn’t totally blameless, Through everything, Forgiving you, Forgiving me, Walking through that path, Through God’s grace, Praying along the way, Knowing that this is the first step, That it’s in God’s hands now, Learned that I truly needed to allow, Allow it to be, To find that forgiveness, The forgiveness we both need, Forgiving you, Forgiving me, Finding that way, Finding the time, Knowing the truth, That this is the true path, As long as I believe, As long as I ask Him, To f

Part Of My Story

You can read about me, You can read parts of my story, But how do I really explain? How do I really tell my real story? These words I write, Are all true, These words I put out there, I try to put a part of me out there too, I don’t hold anything back, I keep myself out there, Every single moment, You can look and see my brown eyes, You can spend a moment with me, But do you really see? Can you really believe? Do you see my story? Words can really only express so much, Words on this page, Or another, You can see one facet, You can see one part, But do you really see? Do you really know? How can I truly introduce me? How can I tell you from mere words, Who I am? You can read about me, You can read these words, You can read the various stories, But what does one really say? How does it really truly start? We read things all the time, We look at various words on the page, But do we really know? Do we really see? How can we see beyond, That introduction of them, Do we give that chance? Do

All I Want Is Forever Love

All I want is forever love, Love that lasts, Love that grows, Love that isn’t afraid, Afraid of anything, Doesn’t worry, Doesn’t try to over analyze, Just believe, Just trust, Just jump, Life is always changing, The world is always changing, Nothing is promised, Nothing is guaranteed, But perhaps if you just hold onto me, Hold onto my hand, We will get through it, We will get through it all, All I want is forever love, Something that is wonderful, Something that is beautiful, Something that everyone can see, Want people to just look and know, Just look and know that there is love, Something that deepens, Something that strengths, Every single day, Something that just is, Something that doesn’t need to be explained, Or necessarily make sense to anyone else, All I want is forever love, Love with you my dear, You mean so much to me, So much that words cannot fully say, These emotions are so strong and true, It keeps on growing, Keeps on expanding, All I want is to be with you, I know that

The Call

Another older Ryan poem. Two years ago I received a call. A call that would change My life As well as my best friend's FOREVER. It was just another day. I wasn't prepared For that call. The phone rang And the voice on the other end Made me want to cry. I didn't want to believe him But I know it had to be true He wanted to tell her But I said I should. So, I picked up the phone And dialed her number By memory And when she answered the phone I told her to sit down. I uttered three words That had changed my life And would her's. I told her "Janelle, Ryan's died." She accused me of lying And she started crying And I knew I couldn't hold my tears any longer. Just one phone call. It was only one phone call. And it changed my life forever. Now it has been two years Since he died For the call came Two days after he died. Two days too late. Too late to tell him How I cared How I was his friend How he was loved. That call changed everything And for that

October 9th, 1997

I remember that day That moment The call that changed My world. The voice on the Other line. The coldness in it. How I told it I should tell her. How I tried To hold back the tears. The wishing I had known SOONER. The wanting to turn back The time to change things. Calling my best friend Telling her to sit down And how I tried to stay calm Until I told her. How she thought I was joking And how she realized I wasn't. How it was the hardest Thing to say to her. It was hard to say. It has been two years And it is still hard for me. My friend Ryan Long Had committed suicide On October 9th, 1997.

Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve

I wear my heart on my sleeve, I show my emotions every single day, I don’t let a moment pass me by, I don’t let a day go by, That I don’t express myself, That I don’t find a way, Through something verbal, Through something non verbal, Through words on the page, I want to keep on touching hearts, I want to keep helping hope stay alive, Don’t ask why I am like this, I couldn’t tell you if I tried, I am who I am, I am the person who loves, Loves fully, Loves hard, Loves with everything in my power, I want the world to know, I am willing to scream, I am willing to shoot, If I can help someone know, If I can help someone get through that day, Then I know it is worth it, I might wear my heart on my sleeve, I might show my emotions through many means, But that doesn’t mean it was always easy, Doesn’t mean it wasn’t a challenge, So, although I make it look easy, And although I express myself well, It took me time, It took me years, It took me knowing my own strength, And putting it out there i

I Hold In My Heart

Another older poem I hold in my heart Memories of you, Thought of you, Feeling for you. No matter how much time, No matter what has gone on, No matter where I am, I will never forget you. Even though each year Gets a little bit better I will never forget My pledge to you. I will keep you alive In my thoughts, In my dreams, In my mind, In my soul, In my heart, In my being. You will never be forgotten By those who truly cared, By those who you shared Your emotions, By those who would have stand For you no matter what. As the anniversary Of your death draws near I will try not to think of Why you died so young, But instead of how Your life touched people’s lives, In the short time You were here. I will always be Forever changed Because you were a part Of my life. I will not cry this year For I know your spirit Is always with me And you wouldn’t want me To be sad every year The day of your death Comes by. I will instead smile And remember all

Exit Sign

The first poem I wrote for my friend Ryan that committed suicide. There is a sign on the wall That tells me where I'm going. I leave the crowded hallway As I approach closer To the place Where the sign is. I'm almost free. Free from everything But Nothing at all. I then began to wonder What is left And how he would have thought. If only he knew Where his life was going to be The next day. If only he could have Said good-bye As he approached the sign One last time. I won't forget him Or the lesson he taught to me. Which now appears so clear. Don't take life for granted. Remember your memories But don't make them your life. For you may never know What can happen And why it does. Show your friends that you care For you may never know When you leave the world And go to the exit sign.

Even Though You Are Gone

Even though you are gone, I hope you will know Your memory will carry with me. I just wish you said good-bye. I don't think you will ever know How many people would feel sad When you left this world. I will never forget you, Even though you are gone. Even though you are gone, Your memory will carry on. The memories you give Won’t be washed away. I just wish I could have told you Everything I want to now. You were a good friend Even though most people Didn’t know the real you. I just want to say thank you for Everything you have taught me, Even though you are gone.

Portrait VIII

This is an older poem for my friend Ryan that committed suicide. Ryan Long was buried by his own fears he used to come to me for help and he mattered to me and to everyone else and got mad in onetwothreefourfive seconds justlikethat by everyone who didn't know he was truly kind person if you knew and what I want to know is why did he have to go away so soon Mr. Death

You Are My Blessing

You are my blessing, You are the person I love, The person I care about, The person that helps me keeps going, The person when everything else, Seems to the point of too much pain, Too much hardship, Too much rain, You are my blessing, You are the simple easiness in my life, You are a person I can count on, Someone I love, Someone I trust, Someone I can put my faith into, You are my blessing, Something that is not complicated, Something that feels right, Something that feels that it belongs, Even through all the craziness around, And all the strife around us, You are my safe harbor, My anchor in this world, You mean so much to me, Sometimes I don’t know if you really do know, Really can see, Really can feel, Everything that I feel for you, Everything I have for you, You are my blessing, You are my truest joy, My truest love, My everything, I love you my darling, With every breath, Every heart beat, Every moment, And I know through every day, That you are my blessing, The beauty I have

There I Was Standing

There I was standing, Standing at the ground, Standing at the bottom it seemed, Not really sure where to go from here, Feeling the emotions, Going through the pain, Trying to keep the positive, Trying to remember, Remember that this too shall pass, Knowing to keep my mind on Him, Keeping my prayers, But feeling the emotions, Wanting everything to just fade, Just wanting a break, Tired of the testing, Tired of it all, Just wanted it over, Wanted the hurt to stop, Wanting the emotions to disappear, Wanting everything to just fade, There I was standing, Standing toward that edge, Where I could make a decision, A decision I could have dread, I could have decided to not, To not put my trust in Him, I could have played toward something else, But even through that moment, Through what felt one of the darkest, Lowest moments, That was going on in my life, I took a deep breath, I took a step back, I prayed, I put my trust in Him, And then through a belief, Through wonderful means, I remember th

Changing Your Email On Yahoo Groups

Here is a simple step by step instructions on changing your email address on the yahoo groups. 1) Go to the yahoo group website 2) Click on My Email Preferences 3) Click on Add/Remove Email Address 4) Click on Add another 5) Enter your email address 6) Click on Save 7) Click on go to whatever you specified 8) Sign into the email account 9) Click on the email sent by yahoo 10) Click on verify 11) This should verify your email address and return to the email addresses 12) Click on the radio button beside the email you now want as your primary 13) Click on save 14) Go back to the preferences and click on edit next to the email address 15) Make any changes 16) Click on save 17) To remove a previous email go back to email preferences click on the add/remove email address 18) Click delete next to email 19) Click save As long as you follow this step by step process you will be able to do this for any email address you can have more than one set up on yahoo groups if you ever want a back u

I May Never Get The Pleasure

I may never get the pleasure, May never get the beauty, The wonder, The happiness, The sharing of a smile, A joke, A moment of joy, With you in real life, But you matter to me, You matter in my life, I think about you, Wonder about you, Hope great beautiful dreams for you, Pray for you, Smile when seeing comments from you, Maybe you don’t get to hear it often enough, Maybe you might need this more than anyone else, Because you have been down, You have been sad, You have been downtrodden, But just know that although, The meeting might be slim, Maybe one day life will smile upon us, Maybe one day we can share, In that wonder, That happiness, That smile, That joke, A moment of joy, A beautiful dream together, I may never get the pleasure, May never get to say in person, Thank you for being my friend, Even if it was through a distance, Through online means, That you still matter, Still matter to me, So just remember, Through those hard times, Through those rough moments, Through those hard

Perfection Is A Thief

Perfection is a thief, We focus on trying to be perfect, Forgetting, Never remembering, Never seeing, The truth that is there, That we are going to fail, That there is never true perfection, That perfection was lost so many ages ago, And instead of looking to what we have, And what we can achieve, We keep on the focus, We keep on going, Toward an unattainable hope, An unattainable belief, Instead of focusing on those things, Those things that really matter, We try to be perfect, Perfect in things that shouldn’t matter, Things that fade away, At the end of the day, When we are called home, Home to be with Him, If we are lucky, And we are saved, Than what does it matter? Perfection is a thief, A thief of valuable energy, Valuable moments that could be spent, On more important things, Than trying to have the perfect size, The perfect hair, The perfect smile, The perfect body, Things that cannot exist, We all will go through tough times, Suffering, Pain, Strife, Things that can either brea

How Can We Ever Be So Cold

How can we ever be so cold? How can we ever be so hurtful? Don’t we ever really see it? Can we see past ourselves? Can we not focus on those things? That is so really truly small? Can we not focus on those things? That doesn’t really mean anything, At the end of the day? Can we not focus on moments, Those really mean nothing At the end of the moment? How can we ever be so cold? How can we ever really be so mean? Turn our backs, Look the other way, Just forget everything, And just focus on ourselves? Don’t we know by now? Don’t we not see the truth? We keep on going, We keep on moving, But we don’t see what is around us, Instead we are too focused, Focused on our everyday lives, Too focused on our own pains, Not seeing what others might be going through, Too focused on little things That is so easily changed, Do we ever just stop? Do we ever just look? Do we ever just take that moment? Think about someone else, Think about anyone else, Ask someone how they are, See what they are going