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I Sat Down and Cried Today

I sat down and cried today,
I sat down and wondered why today,
I let the tears flow and didn’t let them stop today,
I called a friend to tell her the story today,
I heard the news about you leaving the world today,
I wanted to bring you back so you were safe in the world again today,
I wanted so much for the news to be untrue today.
I sat down and cried today,
I just didn’t want to smile today,
I found out you were gone today
And I couldn’t stop thinking of the last time we talked today,
I remember how you were going to help me with a friend,
To get her out of the place she hated even though you had to work
The night before hand,
I remember all the times in chat on the game we played
And how we all would laugh from your funny words,
And how you were a great leader and friend on the game,
And that is why I sat down and cried today,
I lost a friend that was dear to me and found out today,
I sat and cried today
And you will be forever remembered my friend today,
And forever because you meant a lot to a lot o…