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Memory Of You

I will never forget that day,
The day you asked me to be yours forever,
The world seemed just a bit brighter,
The sun seemed just a bit warmer,
Everything just seemed so much better,
But than you disappeared,
And than you went away,
And all the thoughts I had came crashing down,
Falling down hard like rain and hail,
I never really wanted to give you up,
I never really wanted to stop loving you,
I never really wanted to stop caring,
But it seemed that the choices in my life
Weren’t mine to have,
I wanted you still with me so much,
I wanted you still in my heart forever,
I didn’t want to give you up,
But it felt that my choices weren’t my own,
If there was a way to bring you back,
A way to bring back the happy memories,
A way to bring back the sunshine you gave me,
On the day you asked me to be yours,
I would do anything in the world,
Just to be able to stand by your side,
I still think of that day,
The day you gave me your heart,
The day I gave you mine,
And I know I will never forget,
Because as much as I have t…

Missing You

Missing the sound of your voice calling my name,
Missing the way I felt whenever I talked to you,
Missing the way I would think of you and smile,
Missing the way my heart felt whenever we talked,
Missing the way dreams seemed so beautiful
Just because I talked to you,
Missing the love that we had,
But you disappeared from my life,
You vanished without a sight,
And I was left trying to repair my heart,
And it seems sometimes it feels a bit broken still,
Tried to move on time,
And time again,
But now that I am free again,
My heart wonders back to you,
My soul wishes that you were never gone,
Would I ever hear your voice again?
It seemed likely not,
But a part of my heart wonders,
And a part of my heart wishes,
To hear those words again,
To feel those emotions once again,
To feel,
To feel again,
I sit here in the darkness alone,
Wishing I could hold you close to me,
But that just seems to be just a far away dream,
A dream that will never come true,
But a part of me wishes,
A part of me dreams,
A part of me wonders wh…


I am mystical and believed not real,
However I belong in those that have beauty,
In the deepest part of their dreams,
I am part of those who are innocent,
Believe in love,
Believe in a better future,
Believe that beauty is within
And not just on the outside,
I am pure white looking like a regular horse,
With the exception of a single pointed horn on my head,
I am believed to not be real,
But I am real in the hearts of those,
Who are pure of heart,
Pure of spirit,
Pure of mind,
Pure of love,
And I stand there beside them,
Through all those times of good and bad,
Reminding them that there is beauty,
Beauty in everything they touch.

The Problem With Love

The problem with love is that it is so hard,
It isn’t an easy emotion to express,
It isn’t an easy emotion to just hide,
You can hide being sad,
You can hide being angry,
But love seems to show through no matter what,
It will sneak up at you at the most inopportune times,
It will bring forth when you don’t want it,
It will hit you when you seem that nothing else could
Ever go right in your life again,
It will make you forget your reservations,
It will make you forget any promises you made to yourself,
It will make you forget many things that go through your mind,
It will tie your tongue making it hard to speak,
It will cause you to act like a fool,
It will burn through your mind when you think,
It will tie any other thoughts together unlike anything else,
It brings people together,
It tears people apart,
It brings happiness,
It brings sadness,
It brings destruction,
It brings peace,
It is an emotion that is unlike any other,
The problem with love it seems,
Is that there isn’t enough to go around in the world,

On The Ledge

I stand there on the ledge watching the pieces break,
Watching the pain flood through the gates,
Watching and wondering what is going to happen now,
The tears fall down like rain,
And I stand outside not understanding the pain,
I look at the pieces,
Wondering how they go back together,
Wondering if I am going to have the strength this time,
Are they going to stay forever broken,
Will I find a way,
A way to get through this this time,
I feel outside of it all,
Not really inside of my own heart,
Being through so much hurt,
Through so much pain,
Can the pieces really come together,
Will the pain really end,
Will I find the one I am searching for,
The one that have the answers to what is deep
Within my heart and soul,
Will he be able to heal it,
The pieces that seem so shattered and torn,
I stand there on the ledge watching the pieces break,
Watching the pain flood through the gates,
The tears hitting the surface,
Wondering what to do now,
Where to turn to,
Who to count on,
Who will find the pieces,
Help put them…

Where Do I Even Begin

Where do I even start?
Where do I even begin?
What can I really say?
What can I really express?
How can these emotions be let out without destroying me,
Without freezing my heart,
Without freezing my soul,
I keep trying to make sense of it all,
And no matter where I try to start,
No matter where I try to begin,
The same thing keeps happening again and again,
There seems to be no answers to the millions of questions,
That haunt the very part of my soul,
That haunt the very part of my heart,
Where do I even start?
Where do I even begin?
Where can it end?
Where can it even begin?
The emotions are tied so deeply in my soul,
The emotions are tied so deeply in my heart,
The pain from the words that were spoken,
The pain from wondering where to go from here,
The pain from wishing of simpler days,
The pain of missing those before,
The guilt of it all,
The guilt of still caring,
There are so many emotions that are running through,
So many dreams of times past,
So many dreams that were never filled,
And now I stand here al…


It started with a simple caress,
A simple embrace,
A simple just one look into your eyes,
The sky was clear as a summer’s day,
Although it was winter at the time,
I knew from that moment,
That first look that was in your eyes,
I knew at that moment,
Without saying a word,
That love was started,
That there was no looking back,
There was no going back to what was before,
There was no way I could let go,
Perhaps it isn’t perfect,
Perhaps there is pain at times,
But I know just one look in your eyes,
Just one whisper of my name,
And I am brought to the beginning,
The beginning of the love,
The love in our hearts,
The love that lives despite everything else,
Everything keeps trying to separate us,
Everything keeps trying to break us apart,
But nothing can really keep this down,
This love is stronger than anything in the stars,
And it started with just a simple caress,
A simple embrace,
A simple look in each other’s eyes,
A simple kiss,
And it was sealed,
The origin of the love,
The love between us.