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Build Upon That Emotion

Build upon that emotion,
Build upon that dream,
Build upon that hope,
Come on honey,
Come on darling,
Let’s not stop here,
Let’s not stop now,
Let’s not stop this moment,
I want to keep on building,
I want to keep on expanding,
I want to keep it going,
Never ending,
Never stopping,
Only growing,
Only expanding,
Only stacking as time goes on,
This is the moment,
This is the time,
This is the day,
To change everything,
To change everything around us,
To change what you and I are,
To change what we are to each other,
To change it now,
To change it forever,
Just with a few words,
Just build upon that emotion,
Build upon that dream,
Build upon that hope,
Build upon that love,
Build it my darling,
Let us not stop,
Let us not lose sight,
Let us find our way,
Let us find our way together,
Let us build it now my darling,
Let us build it now,
Build that emotion,
Build that dream,
Build that hope,
Build that love,
Build it,
Build through the good times,
Build through the hard times,
Build through the in between times,
Build through,
Every s…

Slow Down Time With You

When you are with me,
I don’t want to slow down,
I don’t want to stop the emotions,
I don’t want to stop anything,
The only thing I want to slow down,
The only thing I want to last forever,
Is this moment,
Are these moments with you,
Is the time I have with you,
Are the days I spend with you,
Are the moments that ring true,
I love you so much my darling,
Every part of my heart,
Every part of my soul,
Every part of my being,
Of you,
I just want to slow it down,
Put time on pause,
Take in that moment,
Take in that breathe,
Take in every portion,
Every bit,
Make it last,
Make it expand,
Make it grow,
Make it forever,
I just want this time to slow down,
Slow down between you and me,
To make it last,
Make it forever,
Just us,
Just you and me,
My eternity,
Just give me those words,
Tell me this is forever,
And make every moment,
Every second,
Every single time count,
Say I love you,
Tell me you want me always,
And that my darling,
Will slow it down,
Every single time,
As long as I a…