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Sometimes in the darkest corners of my mind, Your memories speak to me and soothe me Through the trouble times of my life, The thought of you hunts my dreams Even in my happiest of days, The reminding of the silent what if, Sometimes in the daydreams of the light, I could still hear your voice speak to me As if you were next to me, And I feel the intensity as if it was yesterday All over again, Sometimes the songs whisper through my being As if it was playing the same melody of the time lost That I never regain and the hunting of the answers I never really found, Sometimes I feel my heart rebreaking As if it was that day I finally gave you up Because I never heard from you again, And the pain and the intensity was almost more Than our short lived relationship, Sometimes I wonder if you had meant for it to happen this way, If you were just suppose to be a footprint in my heart Or a restarting of letting me believe in love again, Because the darkness seemed to consume the yellow Warm ray