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I'm Addicted To You

I’m addicted to you just like a drug,
I’m addicted to you cannot get enough,
I’m addicted to you and the way you say my name,
I’m addicted to you and the way you hold me in your arms,
I’m addicted to you and the way you kiss me,
I’m addicted to you and the way you hold my hand,
I’m addicted to you I cannot breathe quite the same,
Every single breathe has your name,
Every single passing moment my heart beats,
Every single moment I keep thinking,
Every single moment I am dreaming,
I am wanting back with you,
One moment is never enough,
I need so much more,
I’m addicted to you,
I can feel what you feel of me
Just like the rain,
It cascades down filling my whole being,
It cascades down making me breathless,
Leaving no choice but to only feel you,
Do you know what you do to me by just saying my name?
Do you know what you do to me by just kissing me like you have?
Do you know what you do to me by just touching me?
Do you know what you do to me just saying how much I make you smile?
Just by a simple smile by you,

I Can't Admit

This is one of the hardest poems for me to post this is dedicated to my ex husband.

I can't admit that I still love you,
I can't admit that I still miss you,
I can't admit these things out loud,
I keep them to myself,
I keep them hidden deep in my mind,
I keep them hidden deep in my soul,
I keep the pain hidden where you cannot see,
I put on a mask so no one notices,
I can't admit these things it would show me weak,
Instead of the pretend strength I put up everyday,
I can't admit these things not even to myself,
Because than I will remember those good times
Instead of the bad ones,
Than I will remember the love instead of the pain,
Than I will forget why I need to be away from you,
To forget the things I need to remember,
I can't admit that it hurts that you are not here,
That you were not here when my grandma passed,
That you were not here to hold me in your arms,
That you were not here to kiss me,
That you were not here,
I can't admit these things to anyone,
I can't admit t…


Two eyes to see the beauty
Of the love possible,
Two eyes to see the love shine,
As you say my name,
Two eyes to see the dreams
Possible by being with you,
Two hearts finding a way home,
Into something eternal,
Two hearts finding a way through the darkness,
When the light seemed scarce,
Two hearts blended and intertwined,
Into one heart,
Two souls finding a way home,
Into what was hidden for so long,
Two souls finding each other,
In a world so crazy and cruel,
Two souls finding the strength,
To stay together no mater what is thrown in their way,
Two dreams coming true
In one reality,
Two dreams finding the love,
That they never knew could truly exist,
Two dreams finding hope
Within the two of them,
Two bodies forming one whole,
Two hands holding onto each other,
Two lips coming together in a perfect kiss,
Two moments becoming one moment of true bliss,
Two lives holding on,
Two lives holding strong,
Two lives finding a way through everything,
Two lives finding a way to be one whole,
Two becomes one,
One is two of th…


You are forever,
You are eternity,
You are the dreams,
You are the moments in this heart,
You are the everything,
You are what is needed,
You are what I see in my heart,
You are what I dream about every night,
You are the thoughts that speak through my mind,
You are the visions unseen by normal eyes,
You are these moments,
You are the never ending time,
You are the beginning,
You are the end,
You are everything in between,
There is no ending,
There is no beginning,
There is just this,
There is just you and I,
I have always loved you,
I have always needed you,
I have always wanted you,
I have always dreamed of you,
I didn't always know that you were the one,
I didn't always know who you were,
But one day you shined on me,
Shined onto the darkness,
Made visions true and real,
You are forever,
You are eternity,
You are this love deep inside my heart,
You are my everything,
You are all that I need.

My Grandma's Service

This was as could be imagined an emotional and pressing time. I barely got through my poem when I read it I got through about half before I started crying and barely got through the rest of the poem. The most amazing thing happened though all my grandma's kids were there all 7 of them even those that had been give up to adoption. The one I was most shocked on is the one that most of us had never seen until today.

I also had a wonderful talk with my cousin Brian that I plan on spending some time with here soon. I also want to get him a g/f haha :) He's a very big sweetheart he has some health issues but he's a great guy. We got a lot of good family pictures and video stuff taken today. I am just in shock with all who showed up considering that my Uncle Richard didn't even know if he could find some people before she even passed. This whole thing has been amazing and I am even more wanting to find the other parts of my family as well. Thank you again to all who ha…

Roses Never Fade

Roses never really fade
They just hide in the darkness
Waiting to bloom
Inside our hearts,
Memories although bittersweet,
Tears shed in memory,
The sadness that crashes down,
Shelter the faded rose,
Light into darkness,
Darkness into the light,
Time slowly passing,
Dreams burnt in our memories,
Roses never really fade,
The memories they leave are deep in our minds,
They give us hope when we have none,
They give us dreams when we have no strength,
They may pass from our sight but they are always there,
Just in places you might not always find,
Roses may never fully tell you,
How much they love and care for you,
They might make you angry,
They might make you sad,
But they always do love you,
Although those that are true roses
May never be able to tell you in words,
But they try to hold you in their hearts,
The best that they can,
Roses never really fade,
They just hide in dreams,
In thoughts,
In memories of your heart,
And although they might be faded,
They never truly fade,
And although she is gone,
She still lives on …