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My Love Forever

No matter the hurt and pain,
No matter the broken pieces
Of this fallen heart,
You still stand there,
You know how to still
Make me smile,
Your laughter lights up my heart,
When everything else is gone,
No matter how much it hurts to breathe,
I find a way somehow
Because just one look in your eyes,
Just one look at your face,
Just one thought,
And the broken pieces don’t seem to hurt,
Don’t seem to hurt as much,
Looking back over the years,
Looking back over the words written,
Just wishing for one more,
Just wanting one more,
Just wanting this dream,
Maybe I am crazy,
But I honestly don’t care anymore,
Maybe they are right,
Maybe I am wrong,
But this is what I know for sure,
I know that despite everything,
Despite the hurt and pain,
My heart still loves you,
The love has never faded,
The love has only gorwn,
No matter what I do,
I have tried everything
To give you up,
I distanced myself
Causing only more pain,
I tried moving on
Only to find broken promises,
Broken dreams,
And false hopes,
I tried just having 
Best friend on…

Dreams And Illusions

Dreams are illusions,
Illusions are dreams,
Sometimes what we wish,
Sometimes what we dream,
Sometimes what we hope
Seem to get us through
Those times of true pain,
And when the hurt seems to surface,
And tears want to come,
And it takes every ounce,
And it takes every breathe,
And it takes every moment
To not fall apart,
And I want to feel
A love like I thought I had,
And I want to see
The true beauty of my dreams,
And I don’t want to go through it,
Through it alone,
The sadness that comes not due to him,
But the dream that was shattered,
And torn apart,
The hope that seemed to fade,
And the wondering if I would truly find
What I have been searching for,
Dreams are illusions,
Illusions are dreams,
Four years ago I stood there,
Believing I had found what I was searching for,
But it was just a dream,
It was just a cruel illusion,
Because now four years later I stand here,
Alone without him near,
And he is far away,
And he has been gone from my life,
And the pain is great,
Although I try to not care as much,
Although I try…