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I Never Told You (Tyson)

The fourth in the I Never Told You Series I never told you how you saved me From hurt and strife And bringing a peace and comfort When life seemed to afford me none Or how your blue eyes seemed to calm Even my deepest fears and the hurt caused By your ex-best friend And how you seemed to soothe my troubled mind And my doubt within myself when I felt That none would ever want me, I never told you how much it hurt me Every time we broke up and get back together And how confused I was many of a time, Feeling that we should be together But something never seemed right And it seemed my past would forever haunt me, But you were there through it all Holding my hand it seemed through those rough times And even during when we weren’t together You were ever so protective And wanted to make sure that those that dated me Would be good to the one you always loved, I never told you how good your arms felt Around my shoulders whenever I needed to cry Or how you looked at me

I Never Told You (Matt)

I never told you that you’re wavy Brown hair touched And defined right above The blue eyes that I could Lose myself in for hours, Or how from the first moment We spoke I knew in my heart And the deepest corners of my mind That my life would be forever changed, I never told you that there Were numerous times That I wanted to stop Everything for a few moments To capture time spent with you, Or how I enjoyed The attention and even the jealousness If others showed interest When we were young, I never told you how your voice Could sometimes cause me speechless Or make me nervous Yet soothed my inner being Whenever I needed peace Or extra love, I never told you That although I haven’t Seen your deep eyes Or the wavy hair Or hear that voice That caused me to fall for someone For the very first time For a love so simple yet true, I never told you thank you For showing what love is And installing faith in it forever more. Dedicated to Matthew Pomazal

Three New Poems

Well it's been awhile since I posted here but first I am going to post my new poems I have written before I post about what has been going on as of late. Wedding Dreams Come True A beautiful lovely day Although filled with a little rain And only a few of the many We held dear was there, It was a day of happiness, It was a day of roses, It was a day of tears of joy, It was a day of combining Of hearts and souls That was meant to be From the first moment We had met and fell in love, I remember how fast the time went From the moment I awoke To the time for me to walk Through the house to the place Where you stood, You looked so handsome And I looked and felt Like your princess, We spoke our vows, Exchanged our rings, Had our first kiss As husband and wife, The dream just began And I know it will live on together As long as we always remember And work through everything. I love you so much David Happy one month anniversary My dearest darling. Ded

Fantasy Kingdom

Leave it to a3 for me to get another piece of inspirition. I blame this one on Dave who put a poetry contest to get a poem about the guild done up. So without farther notice :) Within these walls you hear Those voices of old and new, The laughter, The joy, The tears, And sometimes the fights, But we have gone through And worked things to bring this guild This little place to be family, A group of people that you can talk to, A group of people that people Can feel they belong to, A place that stands And works beyond all the odds. We have had our down times Where nothing seemed to go right And there have been our up times Where everything seemed wonderful And dreamlike, We rather use trade chat Than the guild chat, We always joke around And come to love each other, Although some members come and go And staff changes more times Than most of us care to count, But I am always there Holding it all together The best I can, And I hope it is enough For this guil

As The Wind Blows

Well I have been married for almost 3 weeks and things are going great marriage wise, other wise well let's just say things been interesting and complex all at the same time. The Good: - Leslie is now a consultant which makes me a senior consultant - Had my holiday party, didn't do as good as I wanted in sales but it was a good overall experience for me - Brendan is doing great as co and Dave the old co is more active again and is a full time role in the guild once again - Guild weapon auctions are going great, gotten a few weapons so far :) - We now have 2 cd roms full of wedding pictures which I still need to upload but been really busy with various things such as babysitting, the holiday party preparations, and etc. - Everything is completely organized, I finally got pictures in David's and my room as of last weekend - Jim and I get a long pretty well and usually can deal with each other on a day to day basis and helps me watch Tara on the days that I have he

I Never Told You (Paul)

I think I got my first ever poetry series started. A friend of mine that use to belong to Paul's writing group use to write these poems that were a part of this "series" so I somewhat blame them but I guess when you get one really good idea for a poetry challenge it can become two or even more :) Here's the second poem of the new I Never Told You Series I never told you how your melodies And belief in my voice Set my spirits and my will free Giving my sometimes low self esteem The ability to believe and hope And that things could change, I never told you how I couldn’t Catch my breath when I saw you Five years after we first met And how the melodies Were still simple to make After so many years, I never told you that your Protective nature Always made me feel safe Back when childhood days Weren’t always so easy, I never told you how much I valued your friendship And how your advice that I could hear Silently in my mind Always helped me, You

I Never Told You (Jeremiah)

A newer poem due to the poetry challenge at Paul's group once again :) I never told you how your eyes shined Every time you smiled, I never told you the way you made Me smile and feel cared for Every time you stood up for me, I never spoke to you about The crush I developed after Not seeing you for five years, I never got to tell you how afraid I was when they thought That you did something very wrong, I never told you I wanted a chance To be more than your friend, I was more shy and quiet And couldn’t get over my fears To talk to you and pour out The deepest part of my soul. I never got to tell you how much It meant to me when you Signed my yearbook the last year We went to school together. I never got to tell you how much Your friendship and smiles And laughter you brought Were part of the best memories Of my younger days. I never told you Jeremiah all these things But I hope you know deep in your soul That I always cared for you And that you were


Newest poem thanks to Paul's newest poetry challenge. You are my forever love, The one the stars and heavens Brought into my life to make it complete Like never before, You are faithfully mine, And I am faithfully yours, You are what this heart always dreamed of, And no matter how far apart we have been I know that I always thought of you And wondered if at times at night You looked at the night sky and wish, Wish with all your might that you and I were together The way it was before, Even though I had been with others I was faithful to our life together, Our dreams, Our memories, And nothing seemed to fit or compare. I was lost without you here, I was found the moment you came, I knew the moment I met you That faithfully I would be yours until the end, Until there was no more music or songs or melody’s, No more grass, trees, birds, and flowers, No more anything of life or unlife. Eternity always shines because Eternity is always mine With you by my si

Love Understood

New poem thanks to the new CWA challenge. Deep in the tears of the stars of the night, Where eternity and hearts shine, I remember where love was understood And not questioned by a thousand questions, Or given the darkest grief, Where was the freedom of time upon time When the world and life was new and bright, But alas times change and the world changes, The fear of unknown comes to be more than enjoying Life’s mystery, But I will not cry about what has been lost, Instead I will regain what is mine, And hold onto love the way it should be, The way it was back when things where different, I will remember the freedom of choice I have, And that I am the one in the right, And that they are the ones in the wrong, And when this world fades away, I will remember this time and space, Because I will know that love is understood And that dreams last, And that eternity never ends, As long as you hold it in your heart.

Two New Poems

If I Only Had Tomorrow, I Would... If I only had tomorrow, I would marry you today, I would be your wife even if it was for one day, I would hold you closer than I ever held you before, I would kiss you more tenderly than I ever had before, I would make love to you all day and night, I would look at the stars and dream with you Until that morning light, And than if the world was to waste away, I know that I was loved and happy Even for just one more day. If I only had tomorrow, I would wish for more days, More hours, More minutes, More of everything I could get, More of everything I could want, Just to be there with you Until the end of the world and time, More than just tomorrow. If I only had tomorrow, I would stop wasting today, I would do everything I could, All the simple and complex, Because at the end of everything, I would hope you knew and felt, That I love you deeply and that you mean So much in my life, In my heart, In my world. If I only had t

Loving You More Than I Should

Just wrote this. All my new co on FK's fault I swear :P From the very moment you came to me In the game we both played and asked me Would I be your girl on it, Would I date you, Would I be all yours, I had a feeling my life was changing, That something was happening, That this was more than just something To happen the way it did Because I started to feel something, I hadn’t felt in a long time for any guy That I was with on that game, I longed to hear your voice, I longed to actually hold you, I longed to make all the words real, I never really showed you, You probably thought I was just doing What you do in the circumstance, But it was more than that, It was more than just dating on the game to me. I was loving you more than I should, I started coming online and hoping You would be on to help me get away From the realities that was my life, The emotional abuse, The pain and suffering, The crying that I did silently so many times, And I knew the mome

Remember You, Remember Me

Just wrote this not too long ago, thought I would share this here too. This is in reply to a poetry challenge at Paul's writing group he has on yahoo. Remember you, remember me, Back when life seemed more like fantasy, Back when all you worried about was things so small, Such as will you have good friends or none at all? Will you remember to bring your lunch, Or will you be able to pass the spelling test? Remember you, remember me, When you were new to the school And knew no one but saw me? You stood there right beside me With your wavy brown hair and blue eyes That shined into mine, Asking my name and saying yours, Starting something I never knew before, It was the beginning of something I hold dear, But sometimes it seems lost in the adult world of life And knowing I haven’t seen you in years. Remember you, remember me, Back when I was too young to understand The emotions and the thoughts I had, I knew that I cared for you, But didn’t fully understand the depth, But I know I di