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What's In The Bag

What’s in the bag they ask,
What’s there that you might carry?
What’s there that you might use?
What would be there to tell your story?
What if all someone got,
All someone could see,
Was what you carried around you?
What sort of story might it tell?
Would it really tell anything at all?
What’s in the bag they ask,
Is there any way one could really tell,
How you are as a person,
As a human being,
As a friend,
As a lover,
As a brother or a sister,
As someone who might be in pain,
Someone who might be in love,
Someone that is going through an in between,
What’s in the bag they ask,
Instead of maybe asking what’s inside of you,
What could be going on in your heart,
Your life,
Your dreams,
Your hopes,
And everything that truly can matter,
What’s in the bag,
That’s all they ask,
They don’t ask the true questions,
The questions that really matter,
No it’s just about,
What’s in the bag,
Something that doesn’t mean anything
Something that is only skin deep,
But don’t they know?
Can’t they see?
What’s most important,
What’s someo…

Day 23 Something That Makes You Feel Better

When I am having a rough day one of the many things that makes me feel better is talking to Troy even though he is quieter than my best friend who I’ve known for thirteen years just being able to talk to him brings a smile to my face. He is someone of a few words but can sometimes say the most amazing things when one is not paying attention. Troy brings a lot of smiles, joy, laughter, and all the wonderful things sometimes just sitting with him even without words is the best moment I could have during that week when everything else seems insane.

Adam is another person that can make me feel better. He is my vent person he can sit and listen to anything I have going on and will talk through everything from various angles. He’s as talkative as I am and although both of us has grown and changed over the years we always find a way through pretty much everything. We don’t agree to everything but that has never stopped our friendship.

Writing is another release for me. Even though I use …

Day 22 Something That Upsets You

Being human as one can have regrets through our lives due to not being perfect being human also seems to mean there is going to be something that will upset you even if it seems small later on when things are said and done. Although as a person that tries to see positive in many things some things that bother me on an occasion are people that are purposely hurtful to others, those that put other people down because of something like their age, health related problems, sex, or whatever it might be, people that seem to be full of themselves, and people who just dismiss someone due to something that has gone on in their past. There are probably a few other things but I have always been a people person and when I see pain in people’s eyes from being hurt on certain things that is what upsets me the most.

I’ve always been a firm believer that you never should judge a person from their past because people can always change and you cannot judge what might have happened at that time. We’ve …