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Start Your Own 30 Day Nature's Bounty® Optimal Solutions® Hair, Skin & Nails Challenge!

Thanks to Smiley360 I am able to start it for free, however, if you are not part of this amazing site where you can try products for free where you can share your opinion and share it on the sites you already use such as facebook, twitter, pinterest, and the like you should consider joining.  Join here:  However, I know that if you buy Nature's Bounty they are currently running a promotion to try your own 30 day challenge that if you don't love how your hair, skin, and nails after 30 days that they will refund your purchase of what you pay for the product.  What is to lose? This is what I think of the product so far.  Nature's Bounty Hair Skin and Nails is very amazing. The taste is wonderful and I like that it is a chewable gives a huge break from having to just shallow since I already have to shallow a lot of pills including other supplements that I take in my everyday life. I think the format is perfect as long as the price is comparable

Bullying and Body Image

This has been on my mind for awhile. I like to take a moment to talk about bullying and body image and how both are so connected in our lives. I grew up being bullied due to my body image, not knowing at that time that I had poly static ovary syndrome (pcos), although when I was before I got developing very skinny than suddenly I put on weight and was teased about it. Especially in the U.S. We are so beyond needing to bring a change to how we treat not only women especially on what they look like physically but men as well. Women and men alike shouldn't be compared to be one specific thing, and unless you need to lose weight for health reasons please love yourself for who you are. So many struggle with real life health issues such as pcos, diabetes, hypothyroidism, medications that cause weight gain, and so many other things that hearing someone that looks great day oh I'm so fat, when they are struggling with one of these real life health issues and the emotional