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The Rain Falls

The rain falls onto the land, Dripping down from the sky above, As the traffic passes, And I sit listening to the fan, And the music going, And I am thinking about you, Rain drops remind me of those memories, Good and bad, The ones that were strong and crazy, The ones that struck me in the middle of the night, The ones that sent me over when you were gone, I remember the tears that I cried, The hurt that was in the depth of my heart and soul, Wondering if I was making the right decision, Wondering if I was throwing it away for naught, Wondering how you were going to react, Wondering how you were going to be after that, I felt the pressure and the pain, More than you could ever realize, I thought I wasn’t enough for you, But now I see that I meant a lot more than I realized, And the rain falls down, Every drop a memory, Every drop a tear that was shed, Every drop a reminder of those days, Every drop also a beautiful memory, Of tho

Holy Moment

I look into your eyes and see our memories, I look into your soul and see the beauty that no one else sees, I look into your heart and know the hurts that have been caused, I look into who you are and know the difficulties in your life, But I am here and I will stand by your side, When you came back into my life, It was a holy moment, A moment that couldn’t be explained by words, Or thoughts, Or emotions, You gave me a sense of closure that I wasn’t finding, Of how I could forgive myself completely of things of the past, And giving me the courage to let it go, I look into your eyes as you smile once again, How I have missed that smile, I listen to your voice as you laugh, Laughing at the same time, I have missed that laugh as you express some joy, I listen to the joy you seem to have now, You are not as lost as before, You have found a way to be better, And nothing couldn’t make me happier, When I talk to you it is a holy moment, Somet