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Tazo Chai Tea Review

Do you enjoy quality ingredients in your tea?  Do you enjoy true flavor?  Have you tried other teas and thought something was missing?  Well look no farther because Tazo tea has the answer for you in their wonderful tea lines. They have a wonderful chai tea line that has multiple different flavors I was able to sample one of them thanks to Smiley 360 and they have so many others you can try that is made by the same company that takes the time to put great quality ingredients and true flavor in your tea.  Even if you have had old standbys in your past and have sworn you would never like any other type of tea before I urge you to give Tazo Chai tea a chance.  I tried the Vanilla Carmel and was sold on the Vanilla and Carmel flavors in this tea from the very first sip.  Long before this I had always been a solid Oolong tea drinker and  now with the Tazo Chai tea with the Vanilla Carmel that has changed. Vanilla Carmel is my new favorite with the melody of these flavors and the way the i

Nature's Bounty® Optimal Solutions® Hair, Skin & Nails Challenge Conclusion?

It has been over a month and counting.  I am still taking the delicious strawberry Nature's Bounty Optimal Solutions Hair, Skin & Nails gummies and plan on doing so as I will be incorporating these as part of my every day life seeing how much has changed overall in my appearance thanks to these gummies.  Although I might not be doing a "challenge" anymore I will do farther reports on how my hair, skin, and nails are doing as time progresses especially with additional add on challenges I have made that I will tell you all to give you the best advantage to make your skin, hair, and nails the best you can have. Are you ready to have the best hair, skin, and nails in your life?  Last blog I mentioned that I changed my shampoo part due to my pcos, but I do believe that all would benefit from this as sls and sles Sodium Laurel Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate gets absorbed into every part of your body and can cause long term effects both of these are linked to skin irr

Spontuneous Game Review

Do you love singing along to your favorite song?  Do you enjoy testing others to knowledge of music?  Do you think you can come up with words from your favorite songs than stump others that you know?  Can you be faster than your friends on coming up with songs just from a keyword from a song within 15 seconds?  Than Spontuneous is the game for you. Not only does Spontuneous makes you think on your feet to come up with three to five trigger words to start the game play but it also makes you think on your feet as each person goes around saying a word and you have to think of a song and sing at least five words of a song.  If no one sings anything within the fifteen seconds than the tunesmith that originally gave the word has to prove it or they have to go back on the board.  There is no shyness allowed on this game and just because you think of one song doesn't mean your friends will think of the same one in this game.  Beware also if you land on the special Spontuneous notes as th