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Baby We Will Make It

Baby we will make it,
Baby we will get through this,
Baby just hold my hand,
Baby just hold me close,
Baby don’t you worry,
Don’t you fret,
Tomorrow might be here,
But we will get through yet,
We are strong,
Even through the hard times,
We aren’t weak,
Nothing can touch us,
As long as we stand,
Side by side,
Baby we will make it,
Doesn’t matter what people throw,
Or what they say,
Or what they think,
Nothing is going to get in our way,
We are strong,
We have faith,
We believe in each other,
We don’t waste,
Our time,
Our energy,
Our relationship,
On anything that will bring us down,
Baby we will make it,
I know these words to be true,
I know our love is true,
True to each other,
To the very end,
To the ends of eternity,
To the ends of forever,
So just take my hand,
Hold on tight,
Don’t let go,
And we’ll get through it,
Time and time again,
Because we are meant to be.