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The Moment You Came Into My Life

The moment you came into my life,
Everything was not right,
There was so much pain,
I couldn’t bear,
But I kept smiling anyways,
There was so much rain,
So much strife,
I didn’t know if I really could make it through,
But I kept on hoping,
Kept on believing,
Even through that dark time,
Then you came into my life,
Bringing love,
Every single emotion,
I thought might be lost,
I felt it seep through my heart,
Flow through my veins,
Carry toward every part,
What I thought was lost,
Was suddenly found,
Was suddenly gained,
Was suddenly back into my life,
The moment before you came into my life,
I felt like giving up,
Felt like giving in,
But then I prayed,
And hoped,
For something to change,
And then you came,
Bringing what I had been missing,
Bringing the love I knew still existed,
I knew that although there is hardship,
And pain that seems to be around,
That love still could exist,
And the moment I looked into your eyes,
Watched as you smiled,
The way I felt myself light up again,
It was like a new begi…