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Things We Can Create

*Note* This is my 1,000 poem written.

I give you my heart,
You give me yours,
I give you my love,
You gave me your love,
I give you every tenderness,
That I can ever give to anyone,
And you touch me,
With your heart,
Your soul,
With your words,
With speechless actions,
You run your fingers,
Across my arm,
Across my skin,
Oh the things we can create,
Being here,
Being together,
In this oneness,
In this love,
In this joy,
In this forever,
I give you my dreams,
And you give me your dreams,
I give you my faith in you,
And you have faith in me,
I give you my vow,
You gave me your vow,
We spoke them,
Looking deep into each other’s eyes,
Looking into the depth of our hearts,
Our souls,
Our moments to that point,
I felt time stop,
As you spoke those words,
As I heard the melody,
I knew it was true,
It wasn’t just a dream,
Oh the things we can create,
We grow every day,
Through the various loves we share,
Being best friends,
Loving each other as lovers,
Loving each other selflessly,
Loving eac…

Stand Tall

Stand tall,
Hold up your head,
Hold up your hands,
Keep on believing,
Even when they do not understand,
Even when you feel you cannot go on,
Because everything falls,
And falls down,
Falls down around you,
Reach out!
Reach out with your hands,
Reach out to the sky,
Have faith,
Have hope,
Just know in the depth of your soul,
Stand tall,
Take every moment,
Take this breathe,
Hold on,
Stay strong,
Through the thick,
And the thin,
Stand tall,
Hold up your head,
Hold up your hands,
Reach out like a tree,
As it reaches for the sky,
Remember there are always good times,
And there will be bad,
There will be difficulties,
But remember this,
Remember that these things,
Can make you stronger,
Make you stronger if you believe,
So stand tall!
Hold up that head,
Hold up those hands,
Bend down,
Take a moment,
But know this,
That as long as He is part of you,
As long as He is part of your life,
You can stand tall,
Because hope will always be there,
Right aroun…

Glow Across The Sky

The clouds come meet the sun,
As it glows across the sky,
Beauty hits the very breathe,
Of my soul,
As I stare onto the sky,
Looking with wonder,
Looking up,
Wondering how this beauty,
Could ever be fathomed onto words,
My skin glows from the sun,
The smile forms,
As I give longing glances,
To the one I love,
My love grows,
Every single moment,
Under this glow across the sky,
Your smile glows across your face,
Beauty is shared between the two of us,
As we become one again,
This Phenomenon cannot be explained,
It just is,
As you have me in the palm of your hand,
My whole self belongs to you,
Every moment is happiness,
This beauty is seen,
The glow increases,
As I cannot stop smiling,
I cannot stop loving you,
Every part of me belongs to you,
I submit,
Every single thing,
You bring everything,
Everything I could ever need,
I love you my darling,
These words are true,
As the glow goes across the sky,
And the sun strikes the sky,
Giving depth,
Maybe life isn…

Neptune's Embrace

Deep blue water,
Flowing endlessly,
Waves calmly rolling,
Where it cannot be seen,
Life below that surface,
Living in harmony,
Whales strike slowly and quick,
Following their family,
Fishes swim quickly,
Turtles roam and rest on the rocks,
Deep blue water,
Never truly resting,
Never truly stopping,
Just flowing from one place,
To another,
Water falls,
Flows down,
Becomes part of a stream,
A stream to a river,
A river to a lake,
A lake to the ocean,
Deep blue water,
Becoming one,
Deep blue water,
I look deep within your depth,
Look deep inside my heart,
As I pour my soul to you,
You embrace me,
With no explanation needed,
Embrace me Neptune waters,
Embrace my heart,
Embrace my soul,
Deep blue waters,
Embrace me,
And let me become part,
Of this never ending,
Always flowing,
Always a part,
Of the world,
Look deep into those blue waters,
Look deep into your soul,
Let the power of the water embrace you,
Let it flow through your heart,