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Words To Speak

Broken hearts and dreams, Shattered glass scattered around, Each path has been a hard journey, So much memories and thoughts, Dreams of yesterday, Nightmares of the past, Strength that she shows on the outside, While in the inside broken on the floor, There was always a moment or two, That it took more to put together what life she had, Forgiveness was the key to it all, Even through the many years after the hardship, But how does she write the words to speak, The words that need to be out there, Of all the times to not be able to say any words, It comes to these moments in the silent dark, When everyone else is gone, When she was alone with her thoughts and memories, And the thoughts of yesterday crashed all around her, As she remembered the broken paths of those yesterdays, She has though no regrets even with the heartache, Even though her heart has been shattered so many times, And although there is no way to fully heal the yesterday,