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Two New Poems

If I Only Had Tomorrow, I Would... If I only had tomorrow, I would marry you today, I would be your wife even if it was for one day, I would hold you closer than I ever held you before, I would kiss you more tenderly than I ever had before, I would make love to you all day and night, I would look at the stars and dream with you Until that morning light, And than if the world was to waste away, I know that I was loved and happy Even for just one more day. If I only had tomorrow, I would wish for more days, More hours, More minutes, More of everything I could get, More of everything I could want, Just to be there with you Until the end of the world and time, More than just tomorrow. If I only had tomorrow, I would stop wasting today, I would do everything I could, All the simple and complex, Because at the end of everything, I would hope you knew and felt, That I love you deeply and that you mean So much in my life, In my heart, In my world. If I only had t