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Walking Through The Evening

Stars twinkle at the night sky,
We walk through hand in hand,
I keep on gazing into your eyes,
I breathe a sigh of contentment,
Feeling upmost peace,
Feeling the love that lingers,
Feeling the joy of every moment,
Rather it be the evening,
Or rather it be any other time,
This love has a deep meaning,
This love is solid and true,
This love is something that is more than superficial,
It has so many aspects,
We keep on walking through the evening,
Watching the stars as they keep twinkling,
Feeling comfortable,
Knowing as we walk through the evening,
That everything is at peace and quiet,
That we can just stand together,
Let nothing else bring forth any problems,
Just let the calm carry us through,
Because we have each other,
We know that we can stand together,
We will stand for each other,
Every single moment,
Every single day,
Every single night,
Every single evening,
Until the end,
Because we are meant to be,
This love of yours and mine,
We are meant for each other,
Forever as one,
You and I.

Now That I Have You

Now that I have you,
Now that you are in my life,
Now that you and I are together,
Now that I am your girl,
There is no need to look back,
There is no need to think of the past,
There is no need to worry about those memories,
Now that I have you,
Now that you are in my life,
You are everything I could have ever imagined,
You are everything I could have ever dreamed,
There is only looking forward,
To the life that we can lead together,
There is only looking to what can be,
What we have now that it’s you and I,
We have been together almost a year now,
And it has been one of the best years of my life,
And I know without a doubt,
And I know without needing a reason,
And I know with every part of my heart,
That you and I are forever,
That you and I are soul mates,
Now that I have you,
Now that you are in my life,
Now that you and I are together,
Now that you are my guy,
There is never a need,
There is never a reason,
There is never anything that will have me,
Look back on things too heavily,
To look back on things too …

The Last Time

The last moment,
The last day,
The time I cried those tears,
The last time I thought about you,
The last dream I had,
It seems so long ago now,
It seems so far away,
I barely even think about it,
I barely even reflect on it,
When I even talk about it,
I don’t talk with the sadness I once did,
I don’t talk with the anger I had,
The emotions aren’t raw like they were before,
It doesn’t hurt to think,
It doesn’t hurt to remember,
Because my life has fully changed,
My life has turned around so much,
I have found a new life,
I have found true love,
I have found a reason again,
I have found God,
That last moment,
That last day,
That last time those tears came,
The last time I really thought about you,
Is all a distant memory,
It is like another reality,
It is like another place and time,
I have found a way to forgiveness,
For all that went on in our life together,
I have given it all to God,
Asked him to forgive me for my part,
And let him help me forgive what happened,
Knowing that neither one of us are perfect,
That I am …

According To His Will

According to this moment,
According to this day,
According to this hour,
According to this plan,
We hear so many,
We don’t really know the answers to,
But we keep on hearing the phrases,
We want to believe,
We want to hope,
But do we really know?
How can we really tell?
There are so many questions,
Yet so little answers it seems,
We are just given these provisions,
And keep on going on through our lives,
But what if there was more than phrases,
What if there was more than just some distant hope?
More than just some distant dream?
What if we could make a definite,
It’s more than just an according to this moment,
According to this day,
According to this hour,
According to some abstract plan,
We do have hope,
We do have faith,
We do have something that can give us answers,
The answers that we so desperately seek,
We seek them everyday,
Rather or not we realize it or not,
Because we want to know,
We are curious types,
And we want to know the plan,
The plan of our lives,
In some deep corner of our minds,
It is there even w…


I know I might frustrate you from time to time,
I know that there are issues that come about,
You might see blue screens which make you red,
You might see errors that make you frustrated,
You might see that I am ill,
And you wonder,
Yes you wonder,
Did I back up the important things?
Am I going to put in an arm,
Or a leg,
To get this thing to work again?
But when I am working,
You seem to still be upset,
And I might have to wonder,
What is so important,
But I am just a machine,
One that was built to do many things,
You type documents on me,
You send an email to a good friend,
You might even network on those sites,
You might surf even more than others,
There are so many different levels of you,
And different levels of me,
But just know that although
I might frustrate you,
And seem to be a pain,
That it isn’t really my fault,
I am just a machine,
And I am not perfect,
Just as you aren’t,
But just perhaps,
If we can work out a deal,
I’ll try to not be so frustrating,
If you don’t get frustrated at me,
Because we know we …


Every moment I am with you,
Every single day,
I know my heart yearns for you,
When I cannot see your brown eyes,
Although my heart is filled with
Ever growing ever encompassing love,
There are moments,
There are times,
That I just want to look into your eyes,
Hold your hand,
And feel the nearness,
Whenever I am with you,
Knowing that I am someone,
You feel comfortable with,
That you feel you can be yourself,
Not tense or non playful,
When sometimes others around,
I see the sides,
That others do not get to see,
And I know the smiles,
The laughter,
The joy,
Although they’ve known you
So much longer than I,
I feel that I know sides of you,
That you cannot always let go,
And I know every time I look into
Those beautiful brown eyes,
And I know whenever it is just you and I,
That there is something that cannot
Be just simply explained,
Something that is just there,
You are everything I have ever wanted,
Everything I have ever needed,
Although I have gone through
So many hard times in my life,
Everything is so much better,


Running through the wilderness

Being followed by deer,

Watching the ships come in,

Not knowing what this might mean,

Knowing the world is changing,

But not understanding why,

Listening to the trees,

Listening to the animals,

Listening to all the sounds,

As she runs by,

She feels so safe and secure,

Feels like she is part of nature itself,

But she sees the ships coming,

She knows that there is something new,

She knows that change is coming,

Although not knowing what that might bring,

She is afraid but not,

She is curious,

She is aware of the unknown,

But today she will run,

Run through the wilderness,

Feel every breathe of the trees,

Feel the grass beneath her feet,

Watch the animals around her,

Knowing that this might change,

That her world,

Might be new to some,

But is still the same,

But her ways,

The ways she has known,

Might never be the same again.

(Using “Pocahontas,” by Leibovitz as my prompt)

Paradise Island

Come sail away to the beauty,
Come look at the lovely palm trees,
Everything is peaceful and tranquil,
Everything seems like a dream,
Everything feels prefect
Just like the Garden of Eden,
Beauty is everywhere you look,
Its everywhere you can see,
All the animals live in peace
And in harmony,
The circle of life is well balanced,
And there is no sign of disease,
There is no sign of pain
Or of hurt,
There is only love
And joy all around,
Doesn’t it sound perfect?
Doesn’t it sound wonderful?
Doesn’t it make you want to go?
This paradise island seems
To be too good to be true,
But perhaps,
Just maybe it could be true,
Maybe we don’t have to just wish,
Maybe we don’t have to just dream,
Maybe its possible for it to happen,
Just as we want it to be,
All we need is hope,
All we need is faith,
All we need is to believe,
That one day this beautiful island
Could be more than make believe,
We have to put our trust in Him,
And know by going His way,
Our whole world could be
Like the paradise island
Of our dreams.

Whenever I Am With You

Whenever I am with you,
Whenever I get to spend time with you,
Whenever I just get to look into your eyes,
Every single moment I treasure,
Every single moment I love,
Every single moment I adore,
Because this emotion called love,
This emotion so lovely and wonderful,
Has also caused great hurt and pain,
But now that I am with you,
And God has lead me to your arms,
I know that there will be more joy,
More love,
More beauty,
Than what has ever been seen before,
You are truly have become a part of me,
You are truly someone I know I can trust,
And cherish,
You are someone I know that I will love,
Every single day,
That I will continue to choose to love,
Every single moment,
And I know through good,
Through bad,
Through everything in between,
That we are going to work on through it,
That we will keep on going,
You see me more
Than any other person has seen before,
You know me more than
You might even think,
Through the time we have together,
We build so much together,
Through such small things people might not …


They silently stalk you
Through the dark and shadows,
They can creep through he night,
Sunshine is not really there friend,
Although the stories of old
Aren’t fully true,
They just prefer life this way,
Although they feed off of blood,
They aren’t animals
As most might say,
Yes, they have sharp pointy teeth,
That glistens and frightens others away,
But truly they are harmless
Like kittens,
Well only if you don’t cross
Their path,
But I sure wouldn’t want
To chance it,
Because it’s unlikely to get turned,
So be aware my friends,
Of those things that lark
Out in the night,
One might bite you
And either you turn
Or you will scream
Knowing your life was drained
All for the vampire.

To The Lost

To the lost souls
Do not lose hope,
Do not fully despair,
Do not give in,
To the ones who have lost love,
Who feel down and despaired,
Do not give up,
There is still hope,
There is still strength,
There is still a way,
To the ones who want to give up,
Don’t forget that there is always
A light if you look up,
Just put some faith in Him,
Just keep praying,
Answers will come,
There is a solution,
To the ones who feel they cannot go on,
Remember that there is an answer,
You can find it in prayer,
You can find it in trusting Him,
You can know that it is only
A temporary thing,
Although there are times
These words can be hard to rely on,
There are times that nothing
Seems to bring you peace of mind,
That the challenges seem too much,
Just take the time to listen,
To breathe,
To keep on going,
So, to all those
Who have been lost,
No matter the circumstance,
Know you are not alone,
That there are others,
That there is hope,
There is a solution,
There is a strength that can be found,
As long as you believe,
Believe in Him.


Lush beautiful greens
Through the grass and trees,
Rain that falls hits the ground,
And instant mud appears,
Through the in between
That can be metro city
And rolling countryside
Beauty can be found
Through seeing horses,
Listening to peacocks,
Watching the squirrels run
Through the trees,
Through the grass,
Listening to birds sing,
Hearing the traffic here and there,
This is all part of the city
The city that I love,
It might not be big named
Or well known,
But people are friendly,
There is great kindness,
And courtesy,
And its home,
Where the people I know
And love can be found,
And I cannot think of anywhere
That is better
Than this city,
The city of Beaverton.

Portrait Of Me

Creativity unwinds through these words,
Hope and dreams are abundant
In her thoughts,
She can see beauty
Through so many things,
Through her brown eyes
She has seen so many things,
She stands by those she considers friend,
She gives all she can to those
She believes in,
Once a quiet reserved type
Who still can be on occasion
Uses her voice through these words,
Bring to light
Beauty in love that people
May forget,
Or bring into light
Things people might not realize,
And sometimes just something
To keep believing in,
Although hardships have been
A common thing,
She tries to rise above,
Through each moment
Even though it’s not always easy,
But she is determined,
And through every single word
She will keep going
As this is who she is,
She’s more than just a girl
With long brown hair
And brown eyes,
She is the one who believes in dreams,
One who loves with all her heart,
A friend who stands behind her friends,
She is creativity and loveliness together,
She is her Troy’s girl,
She is the wonder that is me.

The Story About Us

This is the story about us,
These are the words etched in history,
These are the sounds of our dreams,
These are the moments that will be
Remembered even in times
Past this moment,
And the next,
This is the counted history,
Of the moments that
Made us an us,
Our love is strong,
It is still newer than some,
But with the words written,
And with his guidance around us,
We know that nothing can
Tear apart our union,
We know we are strong
In His word,
As He is in control of our lives,
And so this is the story,
We met online through a free online site,
We started talking,
The next day we met,
We went to see a movie,
We started seeing each other
Every weekend
And we grew closer together
Spending time seeing movies,
Going to church,
Hanging out with friends,
And so our history grew,
And now almost a year to the date,
Of when we first met,
When I first looked into
Those wonderful brown eyes,
The day my life changed,
The day the history of us began,
Started the trend,
Started as a continuation,
Of all the best days in my life.

Partly Aware

So many of us are only partly aware,
Partly aware of all the things we really see,
Partly aware that there is so much more,
That we really don’t see,
Don’t try to realize that our Heavenly Father,
Has given us so much,
Even through all the trials and tribulations,
That He wants to use us,
Through our own will
And not because we want to turn against things,
But so many of us don’t really see,
So many of us don’t really know,
What it takes,
What is required,
What we can gain,
When we put Him in control,
We are only maybe partly aware,
Partly aware of the sin that has come,
The one that has separated us from Him,
The one that can be forgiven,
If we just come to the Cross,
And accept Jesus as our Savior,
And we repent all that has been done,
Our lives can have so much more meaning,
Than just making time for material things,
We can grow so much more,
If we focus on more than how much we have,
What we don’t have,
And all the things related to the earth,
If we more than partly aware,
We could be so much more,
There could…

Until The Day

Until the day you come into my life,
Until the moment I looked into
Your lovely brown eyes,
Until the moment we held hands,
I could never truly imagined,
I didn’t even really know
What is in my heart and soul,
I couldn’t imagine that
Things before would be a plate
Comparison to what is now,
Until that day we first met,
I could have never really seen
Or really know the beauty
Of not only a life changed
But the joy I feel every day,
God in His infinite grace and wisdom,
Brought us together,
And with time and patience,
Not only fully transformed
Who I was,
But also continues to this day
Bring us closer together,
No matter the hardships
And the good times we will have,
I know that the day you came
Into my life,
That you walked so easily
Without knowing into my life,
And until that day I met you,
I never fully knew
Or realized how wonderful
Love that is brought together by God
Is a truly wonderful,
And blessed union,
That brings happiness,
And beauty through the hardest days.

New Life

New life seemed to start
After coming up from the water,
The thoughts seemed to align,
Everything that has gone on,
Seemed worth it even more,
Coming to Christ was life changing,
But going through,
Making a public commitment,
Going to the water,
Having the pastor baptize me,
I felt a feeling,
I never felt before,
Although I had gone through it,
Gone through it before,
But it was different than,
As it was different that day,
By going through so much
Between those times in the water,
By growing so much,
Between those times,
By really feeling that God
Was truly in my life
From those different times,
By understanding things more,
By having more of a strength,
Knowing that this time
The commitment was there,
My commitment to God,
My commitment to the Word,
Was stronger,
For me the baptizes,
Going under the water,
Was a deep meaning,
Felt my life was truly starting anew,
Things have grown and changed,
I become a true child of God,
I felt it in my heart and soul,
Felt the connection solidify,
As the water flowed through,
I knew …

With You By My Side

With you by my side,
How can I ever be lonely anymore?
How could life not seem beautiful?
How could dreams not feel real?
How can I truly fully express these emotions?
The beauty of it all,
I know that God had a hand in it,
He brought us together,
And we have become strong,
With Him guiding our life,
With you by my side,
How can I ever feel alone?
Even when you are not near me,
Even when all I get to do is hear your voice,
Even when all I get is a message here and there,
How can I ever be truly sad?
How can I ever feel lonely?
How can I even imagine?
This wonderful amazing man,
Who is in my life,
Has come thanks to God,
Who has brought me best man,
The best person for my heart,
The best person to help grow my soul,
He brought me you,
To love and care for,
Until the end of our days here on earth,
With you by my side,
How can I ever see anything but good?
How can I not know beauty?
How can I not know love?
When God in His infinite love and grace,
Brought us together,
To complement each other,
So we could never be lonely…

Dancing In The Fountain

Young children with love and grace,
They dance like fairies in the water,
They float as if on a cloud,
They don’t have a care in the world,
They have a magical way about them,
Due to the innocence they possess,
They dance in the fountain,
Lovers whose love is pure,
Who believes in the truth and light,
Who give their life to God,
They dance in the fountain,
Dreamers who see the truth,
Who know that this life
Has beauty through the cold,
Who give their lives to Him,
They dance in the fountain,
Believers that trust in Him,
That give their lives over to Him,
Who minister to others,
Who pray to Him daily,
They dance in the fountain,
Those who know Him,
Who believe in His power,
His glory,
His goodness,
His everlasting plan for our lives,
They dance in the fountain,
They dance in His power,
They dance in His glory,
They dance,
To the everlasting beat of His drum.

The Second Time Around

Love that grows through us,
The love that flows through us
The hope and truth of knowing,
Knowing that whatever comes,
That things are better
Because God is a part of our lives
And through this I draw strength
As I go through life with God
A second time around,
Knowing that I can truly
Find the way to the truth,
Now older and able to understand,
And given the ability to trust more,
I know that standing with you,
In this relationship
With God in control of our lives,
That our love will stand firm,
And will carry through all
The various times we will go through,
We are strong together
Thanks to God,
Thanks to both of us receiving Him,
You through the first,
Me through the second,
The love will continue to grow,
The love will continue to flow,
Dreams we share will continue to build,
Will continue to grow,
The hope will continue to be,
The truth will keep us in check,
As God guides us continually,
To the end of this life.