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I Never Told You (Tyson)

The fourth in the I Never Told You Series I never told you how you saved me From hurt and strife And bringing a peace and comfort When life seemed to afford me none Or how your blue eyes seemed to calm Even my deepest fears and the hurt caused By your ex-best friend And how you seemed to soothe my troubled mind And my doubt within myself when I felt That none would ever want me, I never told you how much it hurt me Every time we broke up and get back together And how confused I was many of a time, Feeling that we should be together But something never seemed right And it seemed my past would forever haunt me, But you were there through it all Holding my hand it seemed through those rough times And even during when we weren’t together You were ever so protective And wanted to make sure that those that dated me Would be good to the one you always loved, I never told you how good your arms felt Around my shoulders whenever I needed to cry Or how you looked at me