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These Moments

Moments filled with blissful happiness,
Moments filled with your arms around me,
Moments filled with you kissing me,
These are moments that mean so much,
Such simplicity,
Such completeness,
Wonderful emotions
That surrounds my whole being,
I breathe in your scent
And I sigh
As the happiness fills my being,
And love fills my heart,
Moments filled with holding your hand,
Moments filled with looking into your eyes,
These are the moments I have longed for,
These are the moments I’ve dreamed of,
These are the moments many
In this world take for granted,
You my darling
Are everything I could ask for,
Everything I could have ever hoped for,
Everything I have wanted
For oh so long,
Moments filled with holding you,
Letting the quiet
And the peace surrounds us both,
It feels like a dream,
More beautiful than anything else,
But it is reality this beautiful dream,
These moments are real,
The feeling of safety,
And warmth that covers my being,
Are true,
I miss you when my arms
Cannot hold you,
I miss looking into your eyes,
But I ca…