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My Body Burns Like Fire

You place your hands on me,
My body burns like fire,
Shivers course through me,
My heart beats faster,
One touch and my passion releases,
I place my hands over your body,
Caressing every inch,
And your cock hardens against me,
I stroke my fingers through your chest,
Holding you tight against me,
So your hard cock is against me,
Kissing you softly,
Than kissing you as if it was the only thing that mattered,
You place your hands higher,
Slipping under my shift,
My nipples harder before you even reach,
My body responds so completely to you,
Your gaze holds the hunger,
That belongs to us both,
All I feel is wet as I take you in,
Smelling your cologne on my skin
Removing your pants I gaze into your eyes,
Seeing you fully in the flesh,
My body burns like fire,
I feel the passion burn deep within,
As you gaze into my eyes,
Looking at me with love,
As we both fall into each other’s arms,
You stand there in your glory,
And start to lift up my shirt,
You place your hands on my nipples,
And the wetness grows even more,
You sli…

Lost Within You

The depth of your voice,
The moment you spoke,
The moment I felt the connection,
I was lost within you,
You captured my heart,
Without needing to do much,
And I was putty in your hands,
I felt the embrace,
Felt the words,
Dreamt every breath you took,
Feeling you as if you were near,
The moment came and I was yours,
Speaking to you,
Talking to you,
Just being there with you,
Was as natural as breathing,
As natural as if made to be,
As if this was fated,
And as if I found my destiny,
You strolled into my life,
So simple yet true,
And then you spoke to the depth of me,
To the romance of my life,
To the dreams of my soul,
To the depth of my heart,
And I knew I couldn’t let you go,
I was lost within you,
Carried through all my emotions,
Holding out my heart in my hands,
Looking into your eyes,
Feeling so connected and secure,
Feeling a depth of love,
Feeling a depth of dreams,
Feeling a depth of hope,
As we talked together,
A simple reach out,
Turned into a dream coming true,
And now I am lost within you,
I want to hold you c…