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There's Something About Us

I could hear your voice on the line, Something was wrong, You were upset at the situation, You wanted us to be together, This online daily conversation just wasn’t enough, You wanted me as your wife, You wanted this to be the season, Where you could show everyone your love for me, I looked deeply in your eyes so blue, I just had to wonder how did you know? How did you know that I wanted this, Maybe people would say that this is too soon, But they don’t understand that we are different, When others have fought we talked, When others cried we found sometime to hold on, Who is to say when something is too soon, Who is to say something so unfair? They don’t know that we already know we will make it, That we don’t need to wonder why, We don’t need to wonder why this has happened to us, We just knew we were meant to be from the first moment, There was just something about us, Something about the nightly conversations, Something about the love I felt from you every moment, Something about the

You Came By

You came by, You told me you wanted to die, You said you just couldn’t try anymore, You said you just wanted to lay there and cry, You said you couldn’t figure out why, I took you into my arms, I gave out a long sigh I told you not to cry, I told you to let me try, I told you I didn’t need to know why, I told you we could fly high, Fly to a place where my love would keep you safe, Fly to a place where I would forever hold you in my arms, Fly to a place where nothing else mattered, Fly to a place where our love would never die, You came by, Looking into my eyes wanting to cry, But I told you things would be better, I am here now my love, Things will be better now, I know your nights have been quiet, I know your nights have been lonely, I know your love for me has never faded, I know you want to give up on this world, But listen to me baby, I know that life is cruel, I know that life is hardly kind, But if you give me a chance, Just give me one moment, Just give me your ears, Listen to t