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More Than A Piece of Paper

Degrees are said to be just pieces of paper,
Just something to show off to others,
But to me it is more than a piece of paper,
It is about heartaches that I’ve been through,
Heartbreaks and dreams broken,
Paths made and remade and changed
To different of what was originally planned,
Of meeting lost loves again for the first time,
And finding the truth of life and love
Through all its various emotions,
About finding and losing love,
About finding my own way,
About finding true love
In it’s truest form after much searching.
Walking down the aisle After calling my name,
Knowing that I accomplished what no one else
Could ever do in my family,
Knowing I finally made it after 5 years
Of going through and changing degree specialty once,
Going through the hardest time with my asthma yet
Finding a way to graduate when I planned,
And although through simple and hard times
And no matter what I had to go through,
I had finally made it,
And that is why it is more than a piece of paper.