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Isn't Love Worth It?

Let me give you a hint,
If you want to be with me,
If you want to be mine always,
Let me show you this,
There is a lot of love in this heart,
A lot of love for someone like you,
You have to show me some good,
Show me that you won’t break my heart,
Show me that you can bring me hopeful news,
Show me you can deal with anything,
That you will be there through it all,
A good heart rates high in my book,
Respect and love for me is important too,
some dreams for us,
To not want to change me,
To love me for who I want to be,
I will show you love beyond the stars my dear,
I have been waiting all my life for you,
I have been dreaming on the brightest stars,
I have been wanting this since I could dream,
I have been wanting you in the night,
I have been wanting you to hold,
I have wanted you to kiss,
I have wanted this,
Show me that you really want this,
What do you have to lose?
I know we both have been through good and bad,
Everyone has,
Plus isn’t love worth it?
Isn’t love worth trying your best?
Isn’t this worth it?