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Just Get Over Yourself

Just get over yourself,
You the person that thinks you are just so cool
By trying to cut myself and my husband down,
By trying to say shit about the way I act and look,
By telling me to get over things you have no
Inkling of an idea on what it is even all about,
You that just assume shit and twist it all around,
You the one that thinks I am jealous
When I think it is the other way around.
Just get over yourself,
You the person that thinks you are so cool
Now that you have my old best friend
Wrapped around your finger,
The one that I know somewhere in your cold heart
That you have a thing for him and won’t say anything,
You the one that is jealous because you know
That deep in your heart you will never have
What I had with him,
You will never be close to his parents like I became,
You will never share some of the memories and thoughts
That we have shared over the many years of knowing each other,
You will never be able to take away the poems he wrote me,
Or the words he use to say,
Or how he said how much I …

To The Man That Was My Father

To the man that was my father,
You were a wonderful man that took me in
Although I was not really your own and made me your own
Even though all that would have been was bonds from marrying
Who you considered your son,
You supported me although you didn’t always agree,
You loved me where my own birth father did not,
You cared for me where my own father did not,
You told me you loved me which were words
My birth father would never say,
You gave me hope that maybe not all men
That became fathers were not the assholes
That it seemed to run in my life very often,
You touched my life and many others
Before you were called away from this world,
You had the gift of making people laugh,
And to make people think.
To the man that was my father,
You gave so much to this world
And probably could have given so much more
If your life wasn’t cut short by a disease
That you never asked for and got from your younger days,
You gave faith back to our mom
And back to so many of us in so many ways,
You gave us love that set us al…