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Before You There Was

Before you there was rain,
Wind that blew apart,
The foundations of my heart,
There was dust that flew,
Flew as particles against my skin,
Flew scraping against my body,
But nothing seemed to matter,
As I stood in a broken down shelter,
The shelter that was around my heart,
The thunder had shaken the core,
Broken apart every reserve in my heart,
Than the clouds cleared away,
Breaking apart the storms,
Driving away the debris that built around,
Built around every corner of me,
Bringing in sunshine through the cracks,
And then breaking down each wall,
I stood there in the sunshine,
Feeling the warmth against my skin,
Feeling the warmth like never before,
Because before I met you my darling,
There was rain,
Foundations that crumbled all around me,
Everything that broke at its seams,
And I was lost,
Looking to find my muse again,
To find a connection strong and true,
And then you swept me away,
Healed every single broken piece,
And mending all that I thought was lost,
And now I am stronger than b…

I've Been Down Love's Rocky Path

I’ve been down loves rocky path,
Through the twists and turns,
The heartache and heartbreak,
And roads I thought would lead,
Lead to my true home,
But those were illusions,
False starts and promises,
And then my life truly changed,
When you came into my life,
You broke down all my past defenses,
Shattered the walls built up around me,
And strolled right to the depth,
The depth of my heart,
From the first moment,
From that first conversation,
I was completely and fully yours,
You stole my heart,
Healed every inch of the hurts caused,
Caused from now long forgotten memories,
I’ve been down loves rocky path,
Through every corner of hardship,
Every corner of pain,
Every corner of the battles,
The battles that tore at my heart,
Tore at the very depth of my being,
But then you came into my life,
Healing every rift,
Every tear,
Every fear from before,
Sweeping me up into your loving embrace,
Changing every moment of my life,
Through just simple moments of togetherness,
I love you my darling,
Because you took…